Mar 12, 2013

My daily routine. Bow!

Remember my old posts here and there? To the highest level ang stress ko dahil sa dalawa naming kasama sa bahay. I was supposed to send them home pero pinakalma ko muna sarili ko until my mom took over. After one day ng traning nila kay Mama, ayun nagpaalam na uuwi na daw sila. Hehe. Ayaw pala nilang magtrabaho, gusto lang pala nilang mag bakasyon. Anyways, the search for new kasambahay is on. And while we are help-less, ganito ang pang araw araw kong routine. At least for weekdays.

6:00 am - I must be up and awake
6:05 am - Bath time
6:20 am - Preparing for work (this includes tidying of bed and pag separate ng used bottles ni Baby from last night with the unused ones)
6:30 am - Last minute touches for face and hair (I don't wear make up kaya hindi ako matagal mag ayos)
6:30-6:45 am - Waiting for a bus
7:00 am - I should be in a bus para hindi ako ma-late
7:01-8:45 am - Travel time from Cavite to Pasig
9:00-6:00 pm - Working Hours (in between, I find time to call my mom and hubby to know their what-abouts)
6:01-8:30 pm - Travel time from Pasig to Cavite (latest time that I can get home is 9:30pm, that includes heavy traffic)
8:31 pm - Dinner time
9:00 pm - I wash the used bottles of Baby for the day while making kwento with Angela
9:15 pm - A little bonding time with the kids and hubby
9:45 pm - It's bedtime!
10:00 pm - If I get lucky, tulog na si Baby ng ganitong oras, if not naman, naghehele pa ako nito until she falls asleep (latest time for her to fall asleep is 11:00pm)
11:00 pm - Super little time alone with myself or with hubby (pag pagod rin si R, he usually fall asleep before Baby does)
12:00 mn - ZZZzzzzzzzzz!

Repeat until Friday. :)

Weekend is a different story.

Boring noh? And I just realized, I don't have a life! I need to do something about it.

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