Mar 15, 2013

I am now a Churper!

Have you ever heard ChurpChurp? This is all new to me, too. But I just actually signed up. :)

I first came across ChurpChurp from Ms. Leah's blog, The Bright Spot (I am one of your fan/stalker Ms. Leah, hehe). After reading her post regarding this new trend in social media, I immediately signed up using the link she provided. (I actually started reading what ChurpChurp is all about after signing up pa.) Since I'm practically doing nothing YET here in our office, might as well maximize my resources. (I'm so so sorry my dear company, if you're one of my bosses, I hope you understand and rest assured, I won't use this privilege to access internet in unpleasant stuffs. And if I'll get rewarded on this, magpapakain ako!)

So, what is ChurpChurp all about? Read on.

What is Churp Churp?

Churp Churp is a community for people who live and breathe social media, just like you! Here are some of the things you can do at Churp Churp:
- Get cash rewards for sharing brand messages.

- Discover what people are reading or watching on the Internet.
- Be part of an awesome community and meet like-minded friends.

If you love sharing with your friends on the latest happenings, trends and brands that you like and love, then ChurpChurp is definitely for you. Hop on board, and we'll make sure you never miss out on any updates; besides campaign updates and cool stories, there are always upcoming contests and events we hold exclusively for the ChurpChurp community! Awesome, yes?

Anyone who has Facebook and Twitter account can be a member of the newest trend in town!

To know more about this community, click here and join me. Together, let's discover what ChurpChurp has in store for us.

See you, Guys! :)

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