Mar 18, 2013

Champion, Mommies!

Did I tell you that I'm help-less (for 3 weeks now!)? That means, I we do the laundry. My mom and I take turns in washing the laundry. It was my turn last weekend. Waaahhhh!! Yehey! Thanks to Champion detergent!

I have the most meticulous mother in this entire planet. I'll tell you why. She prefers the old-school washing of dirty clothes. Read: hand wash! We have a working washing machine naman at home. Pero feeling nya kasi hindi rin nalilinis yung mga damit pag hindi nakukusot gamit ang mga kamay. Kaya ayun, labanderang labandera lang ang peg ko buong weekend. (sa sobrang dami ng labahin namin, hindi kinaya ng isang araw lang) And I need to say super THANK YOU sa mga ka-opisina ko for sharing this product to me. I used before the leading products in the market when it comes to household care chuva, until one of my lunch buddies told me that they use Champion for decades na. Hindi daw masakit sa kamay saka mura pa. I believed him kasi super chuchal kaya nila. Hehe.

I bought this variant last week, hindi ko na raw kasi kelangan gumamit pa ng separate fabcon.

(re-post from their website)


Softens clothes, making them more comfortable and gentler on the skin


Leaves a long-lasting fresh fragrance


Made with no chalk; every granule dissolves and effectively cleans during the wash

And true mga mare, hindi nga sya masakit sa kamay. And I love their slogan, "Tapat po sainyo". Dati, with my old detergent, ilang piraso pa lang ng damit, mapulang mapula na kamay ko. But with Champion, naubos ko yung labahin namin without complaining na masakit na kamay ko (yung likod ko lang ang sumakit).

I wonder how mild this variant is when the above variant took care of my hands already.

(grabbed from their website, again)


With natural base ingredients, gently cares for your hands while still effectively washing out stains


Made with no chalk, every granule dissolves and effectively cleans during the wash


A fresh kalamansi scent accompanies the laundry experience and on all washed clothing

Cares for your clothes

Takes care of fabric down to the finest fibers

Pag ito siguro ang gamitin ko, baka hindi ko na halos maramdaman ang pagkusot ko. Lol!

Champion, ikaw na!

*This is not a sponsored post, I loved the product and I am just sharing the good news. :)

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