Aug 30, 2013

EK: 'Teh, ang jowa mo!

Habang pauwi ako kagabi sakay ng bus, magjowa ang nakatabi ko. In fer kay girl, she's pretty. Matangos ang ilong, morena at balingkinitan. Yez, pinagmasdan ko talaga sila. Haha. Ngunit may kakaiba akong na-feel kay boylet. Ehem! Alam na! =)

Daldal ng daldal si boy sa buong byahe namin. Malapit ko na ngang malaman ang kwento ng buhay nila eh. Hehe. Hindi ako nag eavesdrop mga mare, sadyang malakas ang boses nila. Si girlalu naman eh panay lang ang tango, kung sumagot man, puro one liner lang. Ayoko naman sanang isipin na ikinakahiya nya ang jowa nya, pasimple akong sumilip, aba ang bruha hindi magawang tingnan ang jowa nya. Baka naman mahiyain lang talaga sya, tingin nyo muthers?

Akala ko hanggang dun na lang ang mawiwitness ko, hindi pala. Akalain mo ba namang magpatugtog ng disco music (old school lang ako, hindi ko na alam kung anong genre yun, basta pang sayaw churva) sa bus. Yung mga music talaga na maririnig mong panimula usually ng mga banda para mabuhayan ng dugo ang mga nasa bar. Ok lang sakin yun. Pumikit pa nga ako para mas ma-feel ko yung music. Hindi pala ako nag-iisa. Walang kaabog-abog na sumayaw si boylet. Wait, there's more! Kumanta pa! Natigilan talaga ako, kasi mind you, he danced with grace mga bakla! With much grace and poise.


Aug 29, 2013

Signs of getting old...

....or it could be something else. Ekkk!

Did you guys experienced doing something familiar yet felt awkward? Or ate something you thought you love then felt really bad?

Lately, I've been feeling a little different about myself my food palate and some things that I enjoyed before but scared of now. Is this normal or is it just me? Weird, ano?

Before, I really enjoyed spicy foods. As in. I am a bicolana kaya keri ko 'yang mga maaanghang na 'yan. But hours ago, I almost fainted because of the spicy chicken of Jollibee. I dunno why. I had a late lunch kasi I had a heavy breakfast this morning kaya hindi ako nakasabay sa mga lunch buddies ko to our usual carenderia. I went to Jollibee para maiba naman and since I have some errands near the place. Jusko! After the first bite, I palpitated to the max and almost flew away. Hindi ko kinaya yung anghang. Feeling ko namula buong mukha ko. Good thing I ordered the Chocolate Float along with it. 'Yun na lang ang inubos ko to satisfy my hunger. Nagsisi tuloy ako, I should have gone to my first choice, Starbucks. Feel ko sanang mag salad lang or sandwich and the Green Tea Frapp. Pero umiral 'yung kakuriputan ko. In the end, napagastos lang ako kasi hindi ko rin nakain 'yung inorder ko. =(

Another thing is the mango salad or ensalada. I love it to bits...before. Ngayon, hindi ko na kaya ang sourness ng mangga. I could only eat it if it's sweet. Hayyy...

Dati rin, I always have an extra order of tomato salsa whenever we eat at the Adobo 'To. I love how they make it sweet and sour. Pero lately, halos hindi ko sya makain. Hindi ko alam kung bakit. Waahhhh!

I also love adventures. I love the adrenaline rush. I even wanted to try sky diving. I once tried scuba diving and enjoyed it. But now, just the thought of it makes me flutter. Not out of excitement. But of distress. Jusko! Spell S-T-R-E-S-S!

During my younger years, I could easily chug bottle after bottle of beer or even a hard drink. Now, I am too jaded for a mouthful of liquor. Tsk tsk!

Is it because I am merely becoming more responsible and cautious? Watyathink? Or am I simply being too paranoid of the whole life itself? Alam nyo kasi, when I became a mom, I wanted a perfect life for my kids. If not perfect, at least not as complicated as mine. Ayoko silang magkasakit. And since si bunso eh sakitin, sobrang extra careful ako sa kanya. A little too much maybe. Paranoid ako pagdating sa mga bata. Konting rashes lang, dengue agad iniisip ko. Lagnat because of teething, which is an obvious reason, gusto ko agad itakbo sa hospital. Alam mo yun? Good thing my husband is the exact opposite of me. He's the coolest. He's the reason why I still have my sanity. He slaps me from the negative vibes and would always always make me see light. May ganown?! Lol!

Maybe it is too much to ask life to be perfect for my kids kaya I always end up afraid of everything.

This is bad. I don't want to end up obsessed with life that I get to waste precious moments.

Positive vibes please.

*After posting this, I realized I am PMS-ing. That's why the emotional post. Cheers! =)

Aug 28, 2013

A Commuter's Dilemma Part II

Yes, I've been commuting to and from work since forever. I had my fair share of good memories on board a bus or any PUVs and an equal numbers of misfortunes, too. And then I heard a good news that provincial buses were to unload and load passengers at the bus terminal that they will open at the Coastal Mall. I was like, "WTF".

I have translated my frustration into words and now is still sitting in my draft since the inaugural of the terminal at the Coastal Mall. I decided not to publish it hoping against hope that the good Chairman Tolentino would be enlightened and clearly see the depressing effect of the supposedly beneficial terminal.

I remained optimistic I told myself once, "Ok lang 'to, tama naman sila. Hindi tayo aasenso kung puro tayo reklamo. I'll give this a chance. Makaka-adjust din ang mga tao sa bagong sistema. Masasanay rin ang mga bus drivers. Makakaisip rin ng magandang diskarte ang mga taga MMDA kung pano hindi magiging magulo sa unloading and loading area".

Apparently, nobody seemed to adapt the whole idea. Every morning, I witness passengers walking in all different directions when everyone seems to be looking for the same thing. Every day is different. Everyday, I have to find my own way to be able to catch my bus. It is simply chaotic.

I heard Chairman Tolentino boarded a bus from Ayala to Coastal Mall at 6:00am to experience it. Dahil sabi nga kasi ng mga tao, "Hindi mo kasi alam kung pano mag-commute". But why didn't he choose to commute from Cavite to Orense for a better understanding of the situation? Because the troubles are all there. Not the other way.

Yesterday, majority of the Cavite bound buses went on strike. I fully comprehend their angst and sentiments. But I pity all the passengers who weren't able to come to work early or not at all because they couldn't find any bus at their area. I would've been one of them if it weren't for my hubby who decided to visit his site in Bulacan. At the end of the day, kaming mga pasahero ang higit na apektado. Sana naman nakikita nyo 'to Mr. Chairman.

This morning, nothing has changed at the terminal. I have to wait for 15 minutes with all the smoke to be able to ride an aircon bus going to EDSA. Oh, I forgot, there are a lot of buses at the terminal. Baka isipin ng mga taga MMDA sinungaling ako. Yes, there are aplenty of buses. But those infront of the line are all ordinary buses. Not that I am maarte. But I should have options, at least. And I don't understand why suddenly, the buses have to fall in line to be dispatched? On the first few days of the terminal's operation, the buses are in slant position, they occupy slots. That was easier. Kasi once the bus is loaded, it can easily sway away from the slot and go. Not like this, when we have to wait for those buses infront to go before ours can. That is clearly not fair.


Where am I going with this rant? I only want a fully-operational and systematic terminal where I can get a bus to work and still look fresh and feel good. Since the terminal opened, either I come to work late or I come to work stressed-out.

Please do something about this, Chairman Tolentino. You owe us, commuters, a better terminal. We deserve something way better than this.

Aug 26, 2013

A Blog-worthy Weekend: Mommy Fleur Day

I decided to take a break from blogging for a while kasi I don't find any blog-worthy stories in my everyday routine. Ang simple lang naman kasi ng pang araw araw ko. Wake up at 6:00am, go to work and then come home before the kids fall asleep. I know, right? Boring. =)

And then, the Mommy Fleur Day happened. This is my chance to come back and pursue my blog. Perfect timing, ika nga. =)

When I received the email from Mommy Fleur, I felt really excited. No joke. As in I felt really honored. Bihirang bihira na rin kasi talaga akong makipag socialize. By choice yan mga mare. Baka naman kasi isipin nyo hindi ako pinapayagan ni mister. Hehe. Ewan ko ba, feeling ko graduate na ako sa mga gala gala na yan. I really prefer to stay home and spend my free time with my family. I had a very good single life naman, kaya ok lang naman sakin to stay home now. Hindi na ako lugi nyan. Less gastos pa. Right? So ayun nga, before sending my reply to Mommy Fleur that YES, I will definitely come to the party, nagpaalam pa rin naman ako kay R, pero for formality lang yun, kasi naka type na yung YES ko eh. Hahaha! Confident naman ako na papayag si R. At pumayag naman nga sya.

I woke up from a dream nung Saturday. Alam nyo ba kung ano yung dream ko? Sus, the Mommy Fleur Day mga mare. Ganun ako ka-excited! Hehe. The hubby has to go to work that day so sumabay na ako sa kanya para hindi ako mag commute. We decided to take lunch at Market Market kasi maaga kami dumating, at pag pinagsama mo ang dalawang impulsive shopper na tao, alam mo na kung anong mangyayari. Tulad ni Mommy Fleur, I palpitated seeing the shoe sale. Haha! Buy 1 Take 1 ang adidas mga mare. Si hubby agad agad na spot ang bet nyang shoes. Magpapatalo pa ba naman ako, gow buy din ang beauty ko.

Ang caption ni hubby sa FB: "The perfect match"
Yun naman pala =)

Nakabili rin ako ng watch sa Skechers, like ko lang yung color nya at mura lang naman kaya hindi na ako nagpakipot pa. Mas lalong hindi nagpakipot si R sa pagpili ng kung ano anong shorts at damit kaya malamang nag palpitate rin ang lolo mo after. Haha. Muntik na namin makalimutan kumain sa dami ng gusto nyang tingnan. =)

After lunch, iniwan na nya akong mag ikot to buy clothes for the kids. Saka ko lang naisip itext si Krisna of Life as a CEO kung anong oras sya pupunta sa main event ng araw. Ang lola mo, andun na pala. Haha. Winner lang talaga sa pagka fan ang lola mo. =) Hindi na rin ako nagtagal sa pag ikot para hindi ako ma-late sa kwentuhan.

On my way to the venue, I swear, nag ibang level ang palpitation ko. Excited na may halong hiya kasi baka hindi ako makasabay sa mga kwentuhan. Mahiyain ako in true life mga mare. Matagal ang adjustment period ko sa mga ganyang meet-ups. Lalo na sa big crowd. Jusko! Sa sobrang hiya, hindi talaga ako umalis sa upuan ko, kahit nakaplano ng maayos kung anu-ano ang kelangan kong picturan, para sana makapag blog rin ako ng bongga. Na-intimidate ako sa mga mommy bloggers na present. That's fully my fault mga mare. Everyone was so friendly at the event. Cool silang lahat. Walang halong eklavu ang mga tao. Ako lang talaga ang nag freeze sa upuan ko dahil sa palpitation churva ko. Effect ng shopping at excitement kaya siguro ganun. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the party. Natuwa ako ng sobra kay Fleur (maki-feeling close na rin ako muther, ha?), sobrang innate sa kanya ang pagpapatawa at kadaldalan. Hindi pilit. Normal na normal. No wonder marami ang nahumaling sa blog nya, kasi no pretenses. Definitely pure yung pagkatao nya. Hindi nya kelangan magpanggap. At dahil dyan, true na true ang mga ginawa ni Ms. Pineda na tokens for us, "I love Mommy Fleur" talaga. =)

I wanted so much to roam around and make chika to everyone, like Krisna na pwede mong mapagkamalan na host ng party so sobrang at home nya (peace, mare) kaso talagang nahiya ako. Next time, hindi na pwede 'to. Lahat ng mommy bloggers na andun eh mga iniis-stalk ko rin. Kaya na starstruck talaga ako sa kanilang lahat. Like Maqui of Familia KIKI, gustong gusto ko yung pagkasimple nya mga mare. I love her to bits. Peg ko kasi yung garden nya. Same goes to Sha of Kikay Mommy Sha, ang ganda rin ng humor ng lola mo. Bentang benta rin sya sa event. And the list goes on and on and on. I love all of them. =)

After the event, sabay sabay kami ng mga newfound friends ko (Hi James and Natalie! Feeling close lang ulit, hehe) to Market Market, dun na rin kasi ako ulit dadaanan ni R from work. Nakapag ikot pa ako ng konti kaya nakabili pa ako ng workbooks ni Angela and flash cards for Baby Rain and more toys to both of them. Partida yan, punong puno na ang kamay ko sa dami ng giveaways ni Mommy Fleur. Pero keribels lang kasi minsan minsan lang ako makapamili sa totoong mall. Hehe. Maliliit lang kasi mga malls na abot kamay ko dito sa Imus. =)

Wala akong picture. Sobrang sorry naman. But for sure, maraming pictures si Mommy Fleur na ipopost kasi bongga ang official photographer nya that day. Head on to her blog for fab photos. =)

Happy 4th, Mommy Fleur! =)