Sep 26, 2013

Red Kimono

The hubby never takes risk with his palate. Play safe yan lagi when choosing what to eat. Just like most of the men out there, he prefers homemade foods. Very typical lang talaga. Until he discovers his love for sushi and maki. Paminsan minsan kasi, he has no choice but to try other cuisine lalo na when I crave for them.

"SUMOSAM is the leading chain of Japanese restaurants in the country, founded and managed by 3 friends and top restaurateurs Raymund Magdaluyo, Ricky Laudico and Marvin Agustin." - from their FB page

We've been a regular in SumoSam because we love their sushi and crunchy makis. Kaya when we spotted Red Kimono in The District Mall in Aguinaldo Highway, we just have to give it a try.

According to their page:
"What sets us apart from our competitors is our modern and unconventional approach to Japanese cooking while remaining loyal to traditional elements of the cuisine. Ingredients are tweaked in order to create innovative dishes that taste and look amazingly appetizing and ensure that our patrons keep coming back for more." 
 I got myself California Maki and Prawn Tempura Classic Bento.

8pcs California Maki

Prawn Tempura Classic Bento

Red Kimono's serving may not be as generous as compare to SumoSam, I still love theirs kasi hindi ako nappressure ubusin yung food. I also find it cheaper in Red Kimono. Siguro dahil nga hindi ganun kalaki yung servings nila. Whenever hubby and I dine at SumoSam, we always have leftovers kaya sayang. While in Red Kimono, ubos talaga. =)

R got Salmon (or was it Tuna) Sashimi and Sukiyaki.

Salmon (or Tuna, I forgot LOL) Sashimi


And here's the aftermath.


Oopps! I shared my bento to R and I had a bowl of his Sukiyaki. We went home with happy tummy that day.

Smart Driving School

Remember my 30 things that I plan to fulfill before I hit 3-0? Well, I almost forgot about it. Hehe. So, to at least fulfill a few, I enrolled myself to a driving school yesterday. Although the hubby started teaching me months ago, I felt the need for a professional guidance in driving here in the metro. Lagi kasi kaming nag aaway ni mister pag sya ang nagtuturo sakin. Haha! And I don't want to use our car in case I miss the brake. ;)

I chose Smart Driving because according to the reviews that I've read, mas mababait daw ang instructor nila compare sa iba. I enrolled in their St. Francis Square branch and I got the refresher course of 5 hours. Shane, their very accommodating receptionist, suggested that I take 2-hour lesson a day para daw hindi ako mabitin. I initially thought kasi that an hour a day is enough na. She also gave me 1-hour free, that makes it a total of 6 hours. =)

I'll start on Monday. I'll make kwento after my 3-day adventure behind the wheels.

Good luck to me! =)

For more information, check Smart Driving website.

Sep 20, 2013

Mirinae Tea

We've been passing this store for a while now. But we have only decided to give it a try last Monday. Kasi there's a big note at the store facade saying "Buy 1 Take 1". Why not, chocnut?!

That's the original name of the store "Milky Way Tea",
I'm not sure why they changed it into Mirinae Tea, I'll ask them next time.

Upon inquiry, you'll get a free Assam Black Milk Tea in regular size when you order a large size of any Milk Tea variant. It's a good deal na di ba? On our first try, my friend ordered Dark Choco Mint Milk Tea in large so I get the free drink. I have no idea what the Dark Choco Mint Milk Tea tastes like and my friend said it is so-so. Kaya I was happy na with my free drink. I love Assam Black Milk Tea anyways. 

Here are the other variants.
As I type this post, I am sipping Mango Yakult Fruit Tea. Sana yung free drink na lang ulit kinuha ko. Hehe. It's ok but not that good. It's sour. Malamang di ba? Combine ba naman mango with yakult. Next time I want to try their pasta. =)

Sep 12, 2013

Yesterday Shopping Finds

I went shopping yesterday because I had a crappy week. Retail Therapy 'ika nga. =)

I was meaning to buy the kids new clothes kasi I noticed last week na maliliit na pala mga damit nila and SM is the right place to be. Hihi.

Here are my loots:

All these (plus the shirt and shorts below) for only P 1,600

She can't wait to try it all. Please excuse the kalat behind her. We took
the photo this morning before we fixed the bed. =)
I saw these cute tees, shorts and leggings for a very good price. Trust SM to give you good quality yet affordable clothes. The tees cost P 199 each. Bonggels di ba? =)

And then I went around to buy myself a pair of shoes. I found this cute nude ballet flats at Payless and it was love at first sight. =)

The most comfortable pair I ever had. I got this from Payless for P 1,250
Studded animal print sling bag, Payless at P 675

I have to grab that studded animal print sling bag because it was on sale. =)

That's it pansit!

Sep 8, 2013

Rainy Weekend!

Hello, guys!

Today pala is Mama Mary's Birthday, only we weren't able to attend the Holy Mass because the two kids are sick. I brought Angela to the pedia last Wednesday night because of her cough, colds and skin rashes. Pati daw pala the rashes is due to her allergic rhinitis. I was really bothered by the rashes kasi wala naman talagang allergy si Angela sa mga foods. Ngayon lang sya nagkaron ng mga ganito. According to the doctor, malamang daw na-trigger yung allergy ng fish ball na kinain nya before. Mas malakas pala maka-allergy ang preservatives mga mare kesa sa mga malalansang food. Ganun pala yun.

Anyways, came Thursday, si Baby Rain naman ang nagkasakit. I blame the bipolar weather that we have. Sobrang init kasi sa umaga tapos pag hapon bigla na lang uulan. Kawawa naman ang mga bata. Buong linggo ko pa naman pinagplanuhan yung mga activities namin this weekend sana. Anyways, may next time pa naman, right mommies? =)

Oh, I forgot to make kwento how last weekend turned out for the whole family. We went to SM Mall of Asia because R promised Angela to treat her there after her 1st quarter exam. It turned out to be a little celebration na rin because she got perfect scores in all her subjects. O di ba? =)

Here are the kids in action,

"Habulin nyo 'ko!"


"Ate, san tayo punta?"

"Kakapagod naman tumakbo, pahinga muna tayo."

Opo, ginawa nilang malaking playground ang mall. Hahaha! 

They love the carousel
It was really tiring pero sulit na sulit kasi I know the kids had fun.

Yesterday naman, the hubby cooked me lunch. 

Pan-grilled Tuna in Honey and Lemon paired with
Ginisang Kangkong

Dyan na lang sya bumawi kasi tatlong gabi na akong walang tulog. Hehe. Pero ok lang yun. Kahit gabi gabi akong walang tulog just to make sure that they are ok. Di ba? Nanay tayo eh. We will do everything for our children. Tama, mommies? =)

Despite the rainy weekend and my children being sick, I still want to thank God for giving me enough strength and wisdom to be able to do what I need to. Thank you, Lord! =)

Pers taym kong hindi magpanic.

Sep 5, 2013

September is L-O-V-E!

While the year 2012 has been good to my family, this year is nonetheless the best! Even if we experienced a little shortage of money here and there, losing 5 kasambahays, our little Baby Rain has been in and out of the hospitals, Angela endured weeks after weeks of allergic rhinitis, and yours truly battling anxiety attacks, we incredibly survived every effin' storms (and will be surviving more).

We started the year with our move-in to our very own abode. It may be a small space but it is definitely a good start. Our Angela transferred to her new school. Although we struggled for the first few weeks because she missed her old school, she's now totally adjusted to her new surroundings and is currently making new friends. And now our little company rocks! Needless to say, we are blessed, truly blessed this year. 

Image Source

And I know September will be extra special to us. =)

Image Source

Sep 4, 2013

EK: Shakey's, my comfort food!

Did I mention here before that I worked as a manager in Shakey's? Hindi pa? Oh yes, naging Engineer slash restaurant Manager (not Restaurant Manager, just Manager) akish. Funny, right? I, myself, didn't see that coming.

I just gave birth to Angela when my cousin was looking for a part-time job while waiting for her chance to shine as a nurse. I went around with her. Supportive lang ang peg. Until one day, I decided to bring my resume with me kasi sayang lang din naman ang kakalakad ko. Although it was actually her who wanted to work at the pizza parlor, it was me they wanted. Lol! Na-curious daw kasi sila bakit nag-aapply ako sa kanila while I am a licensed Engineer.

To make the story short, I worked as a Manager for 9 months. It was short but sweet. I really learned a lot. At dahil sa short love affair ko with Shakey's, I developed a special connection with their foods. Chos! =)

I didn't come to work last Monday. I was not feeling well. I was feeling lazy. Shhhh! Ang bad ko, 'no? Hehe. Nabitin ako sa weekend kaya came Monday, tamad tamaran lang ang peg. Pero syempre, para hindi rin masayang yung hindi ko pagpasok, we ran some errands. Mission accomplished rin kami that day. And that's when we had lunch at Shakey's.

We meet again....

Chef's Choice Salad

Friday Special

My plate halfway done =)

We ordered Chef's Choice Salad, Creamy Mushroom Soup (not in the picture), Mojos (not in the picture) and Friday Special Pizza. Akala ko hindi ako mabubusog pero mga mare, full-filling sya. =)

I had a wonderful quick-lunch with R.

* I am such a failure with photography and food blogging. I just realized. =)

Chismax with R Episodes: Napoles, again!

Last night, on our way home, Congressman Dan Fernandez was being interviewed by Anthony Taberna aka Ka Tunying regarding his opinion on Napoles' transfer from Makati to his jurisdiction in Sta. Rosa Laguna. Ang inabutan ko na lang na sinasabi nya is parang hindi sila sang ayon sa paglipat kay Napoles sa Sta. Rosa kasi nakakababa ng imahe ng kanyang nasasakupan. Aba, ang mister, hindi nakapagpigil.

R: Ano ka ba naman Congressman?! Hindi mo ba alam na makakatulong yan sa turismo ng Laguna?
Me (in behalf of Congressman): Bakit naman?
R: Kasi nasa Laguna na ang pinakamalaking BUWAYA!

Image Source

Sep 3, 2013

Chismax with R Episodes: Napoles

My husband and I are certified chismoso at chismosa. No, we don't discuss our neighbors' lives nor gossip about their affairs. Not that they have anyways. What we usually talk about are national issues. Yesss, we're makabayan like that. My husband to be specific. He loves giving comments about almost everything that is in the morning news.

Most of the time, my husband would initiate our discussion over national issues. May it be triggered by the news or he's in the mood for nakaka-nosebleed na kwentuhan. Our topics vary from politics, national funds, different government offices, national laws and to each of the Filipinos' benefits. Alam na alam nya lahat ng problema ng bansa. Haha! If he decides to run for presidency, I'll definitely vote for him. I'll support him all the way. Lol!

Just like this morning, he was so engrossed in giving analysis to Janet Lim-Napoles situation that we almost missed my office. He, sometimes, drives me to the office when he has to visit his site in Bulacan. Athough very seldom, I am spared from the stress in commuting because of that terminal. You know? =) Yehey for me! Going back, let me give you some of our opinions on Napoles case.

The following are our mere opinions only as citizens and tax-payers of this beloved country.

1. We detest the special treatment that she's getting from the government. While this has been denied over and over again, what do you call the private room with private toilet&bath she's been offered if not "special treatment"? Her lawyer once said to an interview that her client is not yet convicted but only detained so she still has the right to refuse the selda. Eh, bakit naman po yung iba rin nating kababayan na hindi pa rin naman napapatunayan na guilty eh nasa normal na selda lamang din? Unfair lang talaga.

2. Expect to see her on a wheelchair, soon. Just like Gloria Arroyo, bigla biglang andami na nyang nararamdaman. Didn't she feel a single pain when she was over-the-top with her lifestyle and all? Didn't she has anxiety attacks spending our money on obnoxious shoes and accessories, just to name a few? Jusko, kulang pa 'yan 'teh!

3. More than expected, it is probable for her to experience health related issues now. Sino ba naman ang makakatulog kakaisip ng patong patong na kasong posible mong kaharapin? Too much stress can be deadly, di ba? In addition to that, she claimed to have death threats now. Malamang. 

4. However, no matter how big this issue is today, all these will eventually fade out. As in, waley! Wala ring mangyayari! Lilipas din 'to! I don't want to sound pessimistic. But truth hurts. Marami na tayong malalaking issues na kinaharap bilang mga Pilipino, pero ano nga ba ang nangyari? Sana nga mali ako. Sana nga, iba ka, PNoy! 

Well, I decided not to end this post sounding nega. Therefore, gusto ko pa rin maniwala that the government will pursue to seek justice for those exploited by few powerful men. Hindi lang pakitang tao.