Mar 21, 2013

ME Proud Mama!

Tomorrow is Angela's closing party at school. R texted me to call her teacher to ask her class ranking. (We decided not to let her attend the school's graduation rehearsals after the final examinations because we live very far from the school. And the summer heat is too much for her young skin and health.) I was about to hit the call button when an incoming call appeared on the screen. And I just received the good best-est (uber redundant sa happiness lang) news from Teacher Rose. Need not to ask, our smart ate topped her class. Yehey!!! (*sabog confetti)


I am so proud of you, Anak! You made me the happiest mom today. I bet your titas and lolas and everyone who loves you are all beaming with joy as well. I just texted all of them. Hehe. I'm actually trying to control myself not to post anything in my FB wall because I may sound like an OA mom. But in fact, I may fail to do so and just let my newly polished little fingers typed away in all my social media accounts how proud I am of you. Dad and I love you so much! Little baby loves you too! Mommy Lola pa pala, she loves you, super! :)


*Angela is 4 yrs old and is in Nursery. She passed her entrance exam in another school, closer to our new house and she'll be in Kinder 1 this coming June.

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