Mar 20, 2013

When it rains, it pours!

We had some financial difficulties this first quarter of the year. Told 'ya, having a business doesn't really mean earning lotsa money most of the time. Especially in our kind of business, collecting fees from client can really be a dilemma. In fact, we're becoming hopeless na, actually, it's more of me getting insane (hello, I have two kids to feed, hindi biro ang presyo ng gatas at diapers, di ba mommies?) but hey! God really saves the day. Came weekend, my hubby started receiving calls from his old client and asking him for meet-ups. And need not to say more. :)

Another lesson for me, God never give us trials that can never be outdone. We just have to keep our faith and do our best.

Thanks, God! :)

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