Mar 25, 2013

Saturday high

I made our family dinner last Saturday extra special for Angela. We celebrated her achievements with foods and gifts. Ako ang official cook for the day. I know I mentioned here already that I don't really cook. Ok, let me correct it, I rarely cook. Seasonal yung mood ko sa pagluluto. And I was super happy kasi I woke up last Saturday with the determination that I will cook Angela's favorite spaghetti.

We started the day by being present at her school for the final rehearsal of their graduation march. First time nya pong um-attend ng practice. Hehe. Anyway, na-solo rin ako ni Angela kaya sinamantala ko na rin. From school, we went straight to the mall for a little shopping and to buy ingredients to my lutu-lutuan project.

Sakay kami ng jeep on our way home. Super init talaga mga mare,
tanghaling tapat 'yan. Pero Angela's super hyper pa rin kaya
ok na rin. :)
(I was browsing my phone earlier for the Spaghetti pictures para mai-upload ko dito, MY GAAWWDDD, I forgot na naman to take pictures of the plated pasta! Waahhh)

Etong spag sauce lang ang nakuhaan ko. Ano be?

For dinner, I made 3 dishes. Yes, not one but THREE! I went hardcore last Saturday sa pagluluto. Haha. Feelingera lang!

Caldereta and Fish Fillet

Mukhang masarap, noh?

Sweet and spicy chicken (korean style)

Eto ang kumabog sa gabi, ang sweet and spicy chicken! :)

Watch out for the recipes! ;)

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