Apr 30, 2013

EK: Cheat Day Tuesday

I went to SM Megamall for an early lunch date with a college friend. Sakto lang din ang invitation nya kasi I have an appointment with DFA for my passport renewal. Yes my dear friends, may satellite office na ang DFA sa SM Megamall.  =)

We ate at Cajun Red Rock Restaurant for a change. I had the shrimp and ribs treat. Wala kong picture, sorry. =( Hindi kasi alam ni friend that I'm into blogging, basag ang trip ko dun pag nagkataon. Hehe. Anyway, the food was ok. Nakakabusog. Malamang, kasi half slab of rib yung order ko with shrimp, grilled corn pa at rice. Hehe. Nakishare pa ako sa country potato salad ni friend. Kalowka lang! It's nice talaga to go out with your friends, noh? Nakakabata lang ng feel kasi wala kayong ibang pag uusapan kung hindi yung mga kalokohan nyo noong araw. Ayun nga, tawa lang kami ng tawa. =)

After lunch I went straight to DFA office at the new building of Megamall, although 2:30 pm pa ang schedule ko and I arrived 1:30 pm, hindi naman nila ako hinarang sa entrance. My number was called after an hour, exactly my scheduled appointment. Unfortunately, they didn't honor my Marriage Contract kasi hindi daw NSO copy. Ang tigas rin naman kasi ng ulo ko, nabasa ko naman sa requirements that it should be the NSO copy or the authenticated copy from the registrar's office. Buti na lang, mabait si kuya processor, balik na lang daw ako ulit with the original NSO copy and no need for me to get another appointment online. Whew! Fair na sakin yun. Ako naman ang matigas ang ulo. I have two copies of our marriage contract na NSO copy na. I left it at home. I misplaced it. Toinks!

Nung naglalakad na ako palabas ng mall para bumalik sa office, (mabait ako, nagpaalam ako this time na may aasikasuhin lang ako saglit) napadaan ako sa Sophie's Mom. At tinawag ako ng red velvet cupcake nila.

red velvet cupcake, P 60

lover's hat, P 125
Pagliko ko pagkatapos kong bumili ng cupcake, may nakita akong upuan, upuan ng mga customer ng The White Hat. =) Ayun, napabili na rin ako ng lover's hat. Tumambay na ako saglit.

Apr 29, 2013

EK: McFloat Happiness

After 16 hours of long-and-winding road to and from Bicol, I am now at the comfort of my swivel chair here at the office. Nakiligo lang ako sa bahay namin sa Bicol tapos byahe na naman. Nakakapagod pala. Hindi na ako sanay mag-commute kaya hindi talaga ako nakatulog sa byahe. Si mamang driver kasi parang galit sa preno. Wagas kung makaapak ng preno. Lol!

Anyway, masaya yung naging byahe namin ni Angela pabalik ng Maynila. Ang daming kwento ng anak ko. Pagsakay pa lang namin ng bus, kinuha nya yung phone ko at pina-dial yung number ni Daddy nya.

Angela: Daddy, nakasakay na kami ng bus (malamang narinig ng lahat ng pasahero yung boses nya sa sobrang lakas)
Daddy: Ah, ok (feeling ko lang na yan ang sinagot ng Daddy nya =) )
Angela: Sunduin mo kami sa Alabang, ha?
Daddy: Anong oras? (assumption lo lang ulit, hehe)
Angela to Me: Mommy, anong oras daw tayo susunduin ni Daddy? (sa pabulong na boses)
Me: (nag iisip pa ako ng isasagot)
Angela to Me: Saan yung maikli saka mahaba? (yung maikli at mahaba na linya sa orasan)
Me: Yung maikli nasa 5, yung mahaba nasa 12 (5:00)
Angela to Daddy: Dad, yung maikli daw nasa 5, tapos yung mahaba nasa 12. (after a long pause)
Angela to Daddy: Ok, Dad! See you! (Amp! See you talaga? =) )
Pagkababa nya ng phone, tuloy tuloy na yung kwento nya sakin. I was sleepy the whole ride kaya oo lang ako ng oo sa mga kwento nya. Hehe. We arrived early sa Alabang pero we didn't have to wait long kasi namiss rin 'ata kami ni R kaya maaga rin sya nag punta. (assumptionista lang ang peg ko)

On our way home, I asked him to treat us to McDonalds kasi gutom na talaga ako. And the young lady happily agreed kasi gusto nya raw mag french fries and ice cream.

R ordered himself the usual, double cheeseburger and iced mocha. I had crispy chicken sandwich. I ordered for Angela her favorites, spaghetti and french fries plus a pink drink with ice cream. Guess what my dear friends? It's a Strawberry McFloat! Tuwang tuwa ang bagets sa pink nyang inumin. And I just learned that we can now enjoy our McFloat with their Rainbow Medley Flavors. They now have Strawberry McFloat, Melon McFoat, Lychee McFloat, Green Apple McFloat in addition to the Coke McFloat. And since it's summer, you might want to join McFloat Happiness Promo.

McFLOAT Happiness Promo

This April 22 to May 11, share your fun summer moments on the www.facebook.com/McDo.ph/app_449080818513888 and be one of three winners of an all-expense paid trip for four to Boracay!

To enter, 'Like' the https://www.facebook.com/McDo.ph and go to thehttps://www.facebook.com/McDo.ph/app_449080818513888 Upload a photo of any McFloat Rainbow Medley flavors (Coke McFloat, Strawberry McFloat, Melon McFoat, Lychee McFloat, Green Apple McFloat) blending with a happy situation or background. The more fun and creative a photo is, the higher chance of winning!

Click this link to help me earn (*wink) and you might want to join as well. http://ph.sharings.cc/abegailmingo/share/McFLOATPromo

Join tayo mga mare, who wouldn't want a free summer trip to Boracay?

Before I end this post, let me share Angela's kakulitan sa bus.

Turista ka, 'nak?
 Angela: Wait, Mommy! Dapat shades lang.

Angela: Ulit, Mommy! Hat lang dapat.


Apr 26, 2013

Am I a good mother?

I ask myself that question everyday. Am I a good mother?

I want to be the best mother I could ever be. I guess most of us do. But how do we measure the goodness of a mother?

I grew up in Bicol with my mom. I grew up with my mom's oldest brother as my Papa. My biological father was in different places because of his work as a military man. (He then transferred to Navy and retired as a Coastguard.) I only saw him during summer vacations. My mother raised me alone. She worked her ass day and night to provide me decent meals and nice clothes. She managed to send me to a private school while she ran her salon and her other sidelines. She was into Avon, Natasha, Boardwalk, Triumph and more others. I saw her at her best and worst, strong and weak. I witnessed how she struggled for both of us to survive. And I love her more than anything in this world. She IS the BEST mother, a mother could ever be. I can never be compared to her.

I have two wonderful-smart-lovely daughters. My eldest, Angela, is 4 years old. And Baby Rain is turning 1 this coming May. For four years that I am a mother, I can certainly tell that this task given to women is no joke. Not at all. From conception to labor pains. To delivery room or operating room. From teaching them to walk and talk to sending them to school. There is no downtime for this job. Mothers can't ask for a vacation leave. We can't even file a sick leave even when we are indeed sick. We can't be lazy. Because there are living species that awaits for our care, love and affection. Our children need us to feed them, bathe them, protect them, care for them and nurture them. That's 24/7. No excuses. We love our children. We love to love them.

At some point, we also feel tired and worn-out. We tend to neglect them for a while. We sometimes overlook their needs. We get mad. We unconsciously hit them. We regret doing so. We 
get tired of the routine. We get weary, exhausted, drained and dead beat. But at the end of the day, we are still mothers. And we love our children.

As we near the month of May, I would love to offer this whole month as a tribute to all mothers out there. I am looking forward to write the most inspiring stories of different mothers I know.

Watch out for it! =)

Road trip

For the first time since I got married and had children (naks, parang long time ago lang ang feel), I'll be travelling ALONE later tonight to my hometown in Bicol. Angela went with my mom for a short vacation after her graduation. It was supposed to be a long one but her school called me up last week that she still needs to be re-assessed before she can enroll for this school year. Hindi ko nga maintindihan kung anong pa-epek ng school yun, TOP 1 po ang anak ko nung nursery sya. Ano pa ho ba ang kelangan nyong i-assess sa kanya? Kaya naman ho naming bayaran ang tuition fee nya! Ooopppss, sorry I got carried away. Lol!

Anyway, I actually look forward for my 8-hour trip tonight. In fact, I miss travelling by bus. I miss the bus stops where the restaurants have overpriced meals just because the passengers have no other options. I miss buying the pasalubongs where the products are delicacies from Bicol (pasalubong to Bicol from Bicol, doesn't makes sense noh? Hehe). I miss the crowd in the bus terminal where you'll see familiar faces, strangers and a lot of noisy dispatchers trying to force you into their buses.

But I also fear leaving my youngest daughter behind. Alam nyo naman, praning tayong mga nanay. Although I am sure that Roniel will take good care of her, the mother in me just can't take it. (Toinks! Dalawang gabi lang naman pala akong mawawala. =) ) Basta, mamimiss ko pa rin ng sobra ang mag-ama ko. This is also the first time since we got married that I'll sleep without him beside me. Kahit dalawang gabi lang yun, dalawang gabi pa rin yun.

Apr 24, 2013

Chasing Rainbows....

"....don't lose hope.  And never let anyone tell you that you can't chase rainbows. "
- Kate Leong 

Apr 23, 2013

30 things before I turn 30!

I'll be celebrating my 30th birthday in five more months. The 29 years spent here on earth were like a roller-coaster ride. I had my fair share of happiness and pain. But I haven't stopped believing in life. And for this year, I wish to fulfill this list before I turn 30! Here goes my bucket list.

In no particular order:

1. Enroll in a yoga class
2. Learn how to drive (I know, right?)
3. Get myself a driver's license (as required for #2)
4. Go on a staycation with my family in a nice hotel
5. Road trip to Pagudpud with hubby (and that I will do the driving)
6. Out of the country trip with hubby
7. Learn to bake cupcakes and cakes
8. Open up a new business (could be related to food or clothes)
9. Start jogging
10. Exercise more
11. Experience Caramoan Island!
12. Visit an orphanage
13. Visit an old friend
14. Forgive someone from the past
15. Ask for forgiveness from someone I've hurt or offended
16. Learn to ride a bicycle
17. Cook often
18. Reinvent myself
19. Go on a retreat alone
20. Go on a retreat with hubby
21. Treat my mom to a spa
22. Blog more
23. Inspire others
24. Treat myself a gallon of ice cream (haagen-dazs please)
25. Learn to ice-skate
26. Wear a dress to office
27. Buy more dresses
28. Wear a stilleto shoes
29. Wear a two-piece swimsuit
30. Learn how to apply make-up

Whew! That was hard! I thought I could write down my list in a heartbeat. I bet it will be harder for me to fulfill all these.

Wish me luck! =)

Angela's Funny Moments

These are my phone conversations with Angela lately (she's in Bicol with my side of family for a short-summer-sweet vacation),

Tita: Bi, si Angela nagpapasaway na naman dito. (She says it loud enough for Angela to hear.)
Angela: (Stealing the phone from my Tita.)
Angela: (In a nag-iinarte voice) Eh kasi naman Mommy, hindi kasi nila alam kung gaano kasakit ang nararamdaman ko.
Me: Speechless sa drama ng aking anak...

Angela: Mommy, kelan mo ako susunduin dito?
Me: 'di ba sa 27 pa ako darating dyan. Akala ko ba gusto mo dyan magbakasyon?
Angela: Eh bakit kasi Mommy wala kayo dito?
Me: 'di ba nga may work kasi si Mommy saka si Daddy. Saka kasama mo naman dyan si Mommy Lola saka si Mommy Nay 'di ba?
Angela: Eh wala naman akong Daddy dito. Puro na lang Mommy.
Me: Oo nga naman....

Tita: Abi, pinalo ko kanina si Angela kasi ang tigas ng ulo. (Madahan sa kamay)
Me: Ano pong ginawa?
Tita: Humarap sakin tapos kunwari umiiyak.
Me: Ahh, nag woworkshop na naman yun, Auntie.
Tita: Malamang nga, kasi ang sabi na naman sakin, "hindi nyo alam kung gaano kasakit ang nararamdaman ko."
Angela: (Butting in)
Angela: Lagi na lang kasi akong mali, lagi na lang akong pinapagalitan, nasasaktan na ako!
Me: Amp....

*Hindi po namin minamaltrato o sinasaktan ang bata, nagkataon lamang po na sadyang mahilig mag emote ang anak ko. At kelangan ko na talagang i-ban ang mga teleserye sa bahay. Pero teka, kelangan ko na rin ata syang i-audition para maging artista, mukhang may future. =)

Be thankful!

I grew up in a family with hearts full of devotion for the BIG GUY up there. I can still remember the years where I spent my summer vacations with a group of youth spreading out the word of God through summer camps. I can clearly remember how I spent weekends after weekends attending seminars with a nun and how I almost ended up just like her. And then I realized that God has a bigger plan for me. He wanted me to be a wife and bear his children.

That's where the unending gratitude happens. I know I should be more grateful and thankful and appreciative  of all the blessings that He has given me despite of my shortcomings as a Catholic. I have a loving and responsible husband. I have two adorable kids. I have my supportive family and in-laws. I have a job. Our small construction business is getting blessed as well. We are all healthy and happy. And a long list to go. Though I have confessed my devotion, I still have my inadequacy. I failed countless of times. I sinned over and over. But the Great Almighty, still, has forgiven me. And the blessings are still pouring! Keep 'em comin' Lord! Joke lang po, baka isipin nyo umaabuso na ako. =)

I've been having sleepless nights trying to figure out ways on how I will be able to express more my gratitude for all these blessings, when a simple prayer and a thank you will do.

Thank you, Lord for the burst of love. I should pay it forward.

Image Source

You may ask what made me open up of my feelings today. I asked that same question to myself earlier. I was even unaware that I'm heading on this topic when I started writing up this post. While I want myself to become more thankful for everything that God showered me with, I also want to express my gratitude for the trials and hardships that came my way. All of a sudden, I felt embarrassed for whining too much when someone else was having more terrifying experience than me. I felt mortified for questioning Him when someone else's child was sicker than mine. And most of all, I feel awful for some days that I neglected my children. I could have the most reasonable excuse for those days but now I know better.

Now I know better...

To Gavin, my prayer is with you little boy. You are the greatest superhero of all time...

To Kate, no words could ever ease your pain. Keep on praying. He will lift you up someday.

To those who do not know yet the story of this family, drop by Kate's blog and get inspired as well.

Apr 17, 2013

I am a WOHM

When I started blogging, I also begun gaining more friends. Single and married ones. And then I met SAHMs (stay-at-home-moms), I certainly envy them. Just imagine, they get to prepare their kid's foods and be assured that they are anything but healthy and safe. They can shower them and see to it that they brush their teeth as well. They can play non-stop and won't get easily tired. And they can put them to bed and read them their favorite books. Just some of the things that I cannot do because I am a Work-Outside-Home-Mom.

My husband and I decided to put up our own company, it's because we envisioned ourselves working at the convenience of our own house. Just like everyone, we don't want to be an employee forever. Especially now that we have 2 kids, I always wanted to work at home while I attend to their needs. Di ba? We, moms, don't want to miss our kids' milestones, right? And I don't want to feel useless if I don't get to earn money for my family. Don't get me wrong mga mare, that's just me.

That made me want to stay at home even more.

Last holiday, Angela and I went to the mall to have our mother-and-daughter bonding. I promised her that we'll eat at Jollibee and have some fun after. And that was exactly what happened. The moment we entered the mall, we went straight to the play area and spent an hour there. We rode the mini ferriswheel (tama ba?) afterwards and ate at Jollibee. We had a little shopping and then we went back home. It was tiring for me but seeing her happy was more than enough. And that's where it occurred to me once again how much I missed of my daughter's growing up years because I am a working mom.

Me: Bhe, someday dito na lang ako sa bahay at ako na lang mag aalaga sa mga bagets.
Bhe: Kaya nga ako nagsusumikap makahanap ng maraming projects para dito ka na lang sa bahay.

Ayun naman pala. May maganda naman palang adhikain si mister sa ilang gabing pagpupuyat at sa ilang araw na araw araw sya nasa labas. =)

I'll wait for that day that I don't have to wake up early for work. That day that I'll be the one again to give my kids a bath. And that day that I don't have to rush home so I could spend a little time with them before they drift off to dreamland.

Kaya mga mare, kung magpaparenovate kayo ng bahay, or magpapatayo pa lang, or magpapalagay ng gate o bakod. Or kahit magpapadesign lang, let me know. We'll be happy to be of service to you. =)

R. Mingo Builders
FB page: https://www.facebook.com/RMingoBuilders
Email: rmingobuilders@yahoo.com

A Prayer for Gavin and Kate

I can't remember exactly from whom I got the link to Kate's blog, Chasing Rainbows. I don't know the family personally but after reading her blog, I feel her, maybe because I am a mother. Just like Kate, I am a mother.

Kate Leong met the love of her life on an unexpected trip to Puerto Rico while she was working as a Flight Attendant. They got married. And they waited and waited to be blessed with a child. After painful miscarriages and a good faith, they were blessed with an angel. Gavin was born with a number of health issues. Actually, surviving day 1 was already a big miracle for the family. And being an angel himself, he survived them all. They got pregnant again while Gavin was only 6 months old. Another baby boy came and was named Brian. Brian became Gavin's strength. The family believed that Brian became his brother's greatest therapist.

Gavin struggled for his life. At age 5, I personally believed that he had fought the biggest battle that us, adults, couldn't imagine possible. I started reading his mom's blog 2 days ago. I was supposed to share with you their stories 2 days ago. But I was so emotional that I can't type a sentence without my tears flowing down my cheeks. Seriously guys, I am so proud of Kate for holding on to her faith and being able to share their stories as they happen. She was blogging the day Gavin passed away. He's on his way to heaven, all his loved ones believe that. I know he's on his way to heaven.

Gavin and Kate Leong

I'll be praying for Gavin and his family. Please include them in your prayers, too. 

Get inspired by Gavin and read their whole story at Chasing Rainbows.

Apr 15, 2013

Happy Monday!

Image Source

Sunday with Hubby

I know I mentioned in my post here that going out on dates with your partner is one key to a happy marriage. But whenever my husband's busy with work, kahit anong yaya ko, he really says no. Sad, noh? But wait, he found time yesterday to go out with me. Yes! Finally, I had him all by myself! Usually kasi, we tag along the kids on our dates. Aminin mga mommies, naguguilty talaga tayo kapag iniiwan natin ang mga bagets sa bahay. Kaya madalas, isinasama na lang namin sila. Family date lagi. Mabibilang ko na lang talaga sa daliri ko yung mga labas namin ni R na kaming dalawa lang. And yesterday was one of them. We watched a movie, you want to guess which movie? Syempre, we watched Laida and Miggy! Haha! Kinilig talaga ako sa kanilang dalawa. Ganda! Maganda talaga yung movie, sana may sequel pa. (Fan mode lang!) Anyways, after movie, we had dinner. And walked around in the mall while holding hands. Parang highschool lang ang peg. =)

I really had a great time yesterday. Sana maging madalas na ulit ang mga ganitong moments. Hihi.

Mga mommies, when was the last time you went out with hubby? Care to share? =)

EK: I am a breakfast person!

I really feel incomplete without full breakfast in the morning. Just like today. I felt a little jaded when I reached my office. I actually felt too lazy to work. And then I made my way to our canteen for my morning breakfast. And tada!! Now, I feel more energetic and ready to face the day! =)

Do you also feel the same way mga mare? It is indeed true, at least to me, that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Ako ha, I certainly become grouchy whenever I skip breakfast. Alam mo yun, mainit talaga ulo ko. Exagge man sa iba pero if you are a breakfast person, you'll agree with me.

Kayo mga mare, what did you have for breakfast? I had (half order) rice, hotdog, longganisa and coffee. Solb! *Burp

Apr 11, 2013

Sakura: Mommy of the Month

When I became a mother, a became extra conscious of cleanliness. Minsan nga to the highest level pa. Especially my mom, OA kung OA talaga 'yun sa kalinisan. No touch ka kay baby pag hindi ka pa naghuhugas ng kamay or hindi ka pa naglilinis using alcohol. Hand sanitizers are all over the place, too. Ganyan talaga tayong mga nanay, gusto natin germ free tayo lagi para hindi magkasakit ang mga bagets. Dati nga, hindi uso sa bahay namin ang hand soap, bareta lang ok na. Pero dahil nga nanay na ako, I only want the best for my kids and for the whole family. Kaya I chose to be more vigilant and careful. I hate seeing my kids sick and I don't dare risk our health. 

And isn't it wonderful to join and win contests that will make your mom-and-child bonding safe and germ-free? What's more gratifying than to see your kids healthy while you get to enjoy a makeover and splurge on shopping? That is just so great! =)

Join Sakura as they search for the Mommy of the Month!

Sakura offers personal care products like liquid soaps, foam hand sanitizers, foot & heel lotion and hand & nail cream.


This product is a unique blend of Aloe Vera and essential oils that moisturizes your hand while protecting your hands from germs. This formula is ideal for use in all environments and with all skin types. Use Sakura Liquid Hand Soap as often as you want.


Sakura disinfectant hand foam is effective against bacteria and viruses. Provide a rapid long lasting disinfection and biological cleanliness to any environment where the transfer of germs by hand is concern. No water or towels needed. Especially formulated with emollients and moisturizer that leave hands feeling soft and refreshed with a pleasant fragrance. Use Sakura Hand Foam as often as you need.
This contains a special ingredient called Portulaca extract that moisturizes, deodorizes, and heals the dry skin of the heels, knees, elbows and other body parts. Use every morning and evening or as often as you want for best results. 
Contains Niacinamide which conditions and nourishes your hands and strengthens your nails. Use every morning and evening or as often as you want for best results.
Here's how:

1. Like SAKURA Facebook page. Click here
2. Follow SAKURA twitter account. Check it out here

3. Submit a photo of yourself that best portrays you as a mother.  
You can submit your photo at their Facebook page via direct message or you can send it to      sakuraphilippines@gmail.com
4. In 5-8 sentences, answer the following: 
    (1) Why you should be the SAKURA Mommy of the Month? 
    (2) How SAKURA products help you be the best mommy you can be?
5. Photo submissions will be accepted until May 9, 2013. Winners will be announced on May 11, 2013. 

Winners will be picked based on:
(50%) Essay content and 
(50%) photo that best portrays you as a mother

One (1) winner will take home and enjoy the following:

1 SAKURA gift pack
1 hair and beauty makeover
1 personal shopping experience
1 fabulous outfit worth 4,500
1 photo shoot
Media mileage for your blog (if you have one)

And two (2) runners up will get to enjoy:
1 SAKURA gift pack

Join tayo mga mare! =)

I'd like myself to win a makeover and shopping spree. =)

Goodluck to us!

*Photo credits to Sakura's official website. Product descriptions were also grabbed from the site.

Apr 10, 2013

Why I love blogging

Tons of bloggers in the whole world will definitely agree with me once I stated my reasons why I so love blogging. And I know this is not the only post regarding this topic. Most of the bloggers I know have openly shared their motivations as well.

When I was younger, I kept a diary to myself. I wrote poems, short stories and daily inspirations. As well as all the troubles I'm into, my crushes and my secret relationship. But having an inquisitive mom, my diary was no secret to her, thus my adventures and escapades as a teenager. Surely, as a teenager who was very much curious of my surroundings with my planned escapades well written in a diary, I always get busted. But nowadays, with the help of technology, I am now into this blogging thing which is my online journal, I can easily get away from my nosy-not-techie mom. Oh uh, I forgot, I am no longer a teenager pala, I am already a married-grown-up woman with two adorable kids. So, no more misadventures for me. Ok, enough intro. I just got carried away, 'ya know?! =)

So, this blog serves as my online chronicle. I plan to write my day-to-day activity as a working mom and my journey as a wife. I'm still inching my way to achieving that goal. I am not yet big in this blogosphere. I am not even somebody yet. I have no plans initially to monetize this one but being a mom, I can't say no once opportunity knocks.

Here goes my personal reasons on why I decided to take blogging more seriously.

1. More than the monetary amount that I can possibly gain through blogging *crossed fingers, I am rewarded with more friends. I never really thought that I could meet true people in this cyberworld. I never imagined myself doing EB (eye ball) at this point in my life. Hehe. But heck, it was fun! =) And it is certainly true, that bloggers are really madaldal in person, as Krisna's mom put it.

2. I can put into words every milestone of our lives effortlessly. I can easily express my thoughts. Typing on a computer is definitely faster than writing manually on a sheet of paper. Reminiscing is more faster than usual. Hehe.

3. Through blog hopping, I can connect with moms like me and learn from them. Motherhood can never be easy. Yes, it can be fun. But it is never simple. And only mothers can communicate well on this topic. Best lessons come from our experiences.

4. Blogging is fun. I started doing so for fun. I just wanted to put into words my crazy ideas and dense thoughts.

5. And lastly, to earn even a little while having fun. =)

That's it pansit! Mga mare, feel free to share your thoughts on this. =)

Repost: I'm lovin' Bloglovin

I accidentally hit the delete button earlier in the Blogger dashboard, that's why this is a repost. I feel compelled to do so for my readers (assuming me, again =) ).

As I have been stalking following tons of blogs, I have always noticed the Bloglovin follow button at the sidebars. But I kept on ignoring it, I thought it was just one plain button. Until I decided to click away and find out what the fuss is all about. And boy! I just had one amazing experience! (I may be overstating a little, my writing skill is in a test drive, but don't get me wrong as well, I am really having fun with Bloglovin =) )

Bloglovin helps our blog hopping more organize and easy. Though it may not be the only blog reader available, I just can't turn my back on the lovely follow button that we can choose from. Hehe! Oo na, 'yun talaga ang major kong reason! Lol!

If you haven't tried Bloglovin yet, click here and have a happy blog reading!

You can now also follow me in Bloglovin! Just click the girl icon at the sidebar. See yah! =)

Apr 8, 2013

Rewind: Picnic picnican

A post long overdue.

We spent the Holy Week at home lang. So last Holy Wednesday (I know, right? Long overdue na ito. =) ), nag picnic picnican na lang kami sa bahay. At bilang si hubby eh mahilig sa grilled dishes, isang mausok na tanghali ang sumalubong sa aming mga kapitbahay. =)

We had pork barbeque, inihaw na hito, inihaw na talong, inihaw na hotdog (not in the picture because we finished it right away) at ensaladang mangga.

Again, I am not an expert here so please bear with my hula hulang ingredients. =)

the pork marinade

after mixing all the sauces in the above photo

Look at my husband DIY ihawan. He made them all, the griller and the griller stand. Ang talino, noh?

pogi, isa ngang barbeque please! =)
sa aming ihawan

yum yum

let's eat!!

EK: Monday Kwentuhan

Good morning mga mare!

How was your weekend?

Ako, I was able to relax a little last weekend. Angela was a little grouchy pa rin nung Saturday but no fever na kaya ok na ako dun. According to the doctor, the fever was caused by infection in her right ear. The doctor saw small amount of pus inside. Hindi na natanong ni mama what caused the infection. In-assume na lang namin na siguro napasok ng tubig yung ear nya nung nag swimming swimming sya tapos hindi natuyo yung tubig tapos yun na. Anyway, I am happy now that she's doing fine. =)

Yesterday, nagawa ko ng kuhaan ng picture yung dalawang bagets wearing the gifts from Denise and Krisna courtesy of their ever generous sponsors, Bop Baby Bop and The Little Bugger.

These are from Krisna of Life As A CEO and Bop Baby Bop.
Thanks, Bop Baby Bop! These are loved! =)
Baby Rain wearing the beautiful headband.

Polka dots kung polka dots ang baby.

This is from The Little Bugger and Denise, the Queen of her castle Bebengisms.
Thanks for this lovely dress, The Little Bugger! =)

Angela with her different poses. =)

The Mowdel pose

The Toothache pose

The Scoliosis pose, LOL!

The Famous Mommy Fleur's pose

and another one
 She's having a mini concert here using her toy as her microphone.

Happy Monday everyone! =)

Apr 5, 2013

Angela's sick :(

'Twas my resolution to become more active in blogging especially now that I'm already gaining friends through this blog in a short period of time. But then again, family comes first. But before I go missing again (I have to attend to my daughter's needs), let me share some kaganapan happenings in the past days.

Last Wednesday, while on my way for a barbeque party (party talaga? meryenda time na kasi namin na saktong may birthday celebration pala yung isa naming kasamahan dun sa barbeque-han ni manang) I received a call from Krisna informing me of the super mahal na sinisingil ng LBC for the shipment of the head pieces that I won. And then she mentioned that she was in Megamall to ship nga sana the items. Ping! Megamall ba kamo? Aba, eh malapit lang naman sa office namin 'yang Megamall na 'yan, kunin ko na lang di ba? At iyon nga po ang nangyari. After eating lotsa barbeque and puto pao (which is very delicious talaga), I hailed a cab fx and off to Megamall ang lola nyo. At EB kung EB ang nangyari with matching description ng outfit ang CEO. ;)

Photo grabbed from CEO's blog

Kung alam ko lang na magpapapicture ako, sana nagsuot ako ng blog-worthy na outfit. :)

Anyway, I loved the hairbands and hair clips from Bop Baby Bop. If you haven't been to my other posts (assuming lang na meron akong reader, lol!), click here for their Facebook page and you can start shopping na for your little kids adornment.

Kaso since Angela is so sick, I don't have the heart yet to take photos of my Baby Rain wearing the lovely pieces kasi talagang malungkot tayong mga mommies pag may sakit mga anak natin, di ba? But I promise to post pictures the moment na maging ok na si Angela.

At nabanggit ko na rin lang, please also pray for my Angela mga mare (along side with your prayers for Anika, Mommy Fleur's adoring kid, because she is also sick). I am actually calm with dealing with her kasi kasama namin sa bahay si Mama ngayon and kilala ko sya for being number 1 paranoid kaya chillax lang ako. Kaso hindi ko rin talaga maiwasan mag alala ng sobra kasi syempre alam nyo na, nanay tayo eh. I was on leave yesterday because I can't leave her alone. I thought kanina ok na sya kaya pumasok ako. But on my way to office earlier, Mama called me to inform me that Angela has rashes na rin and she saw blood in her ear. Ayoko man mag panic pero nakakapanic 'yun mga mare di ba? Magpapakalma lang ako saglit dito sa office tapos uwi na ako. My mom brought her to the clinic as I write. Sana everything will be ok. :(

Apr 3, 2013

Rewind: Angela's Closing Party and Moving Up Day

I'll upload more photos this time and I'll just put a side comment for the kwento. =)

They celebrated their class closing party at school. (Bilang pambara sa sarili ko, malamang sa school ang closing party nila. =) )
she took a self portrait before leaving the house for her class closing

my mom pins her award

with her classmates

another award

and another

and another.

At her Moving Up Day,

pilit ang ngiti dahil sa init

hindi makangiti ng maayos dahil sa lipstick

dahil pa rin sa lipstick at hindi masakit ang ngipin nya


ang lipstick pa rin ang salarin kaya hindi maibuka ang bibig

anyare, ma? :) 

hindi mapakaling mga chikiting

she holds up her certificate with pride

with daddy

and the proud parents. :)