About Me


I've been thinking for quite sometime already on how I can flourish my life on this small space but decided to do otherwise. While I may share a few (or more) snippets of our private life, I still want to preserve solitude for my little family. But I also don't want my readers (if in case I have, lol) to doubt my existence, I'll be sharing random things about myself.

Here it goes:

1. I am a cool person. 
2. I don't sweat the small stuff.
3. I have 2 smart-wonderful-amazing-daughters to date (I still want a boy in the future).
4. I am a General's daughter (my father is a retired Phil. Coastguard Commodore).
5. I am an Engineer. (Electronics and Communications Engineer to be exact.)
6. I love reading books. As in I love reading. (Did I say I love reading? lol)
7. I am beki, too.
8. I seriously love eating cakes and chocolates. 
9. I was an OFW. (I might be one again, am crossing my fingers.)
10. I married the perfect husband for an imperfect me.
11. It's my dream to own a hardware. (Yes, you read it right, a HARDWARE!)
12. I am a true-blooded Bicolano.

I started blogging for the simplest reason that I wanted to write down my thoughts. It all started way back pa. I was writing without direction long before I decided to be a mommy blogger. 

Until I stumbled upon my inspirations to become one of them, a mommy blogger. Ms. Michelle of My Mom-Friday inspired me to pursue this once again. I was searching for the recipe of blueberry cheesecake then. Lo and behold, it is her most viewed post. Her blog led me to the gorgeous and witty, Fleur of Mommy Fleur. And so I was motivated more. I love how her personality reflects on whatever she writes. 

So now, here I am, owning this small hole in the cyber world. Wishing nothing but a place I can call my own. My home where I can pour out my thoughts as a wife, a mother and a woman.

Btw, call me Abi.


Sometimes you may find me trying hard my best to present my post with my grainy pictures, witty remarks, or corny jokes, just bear with me dear friends. Okidoks?


  1. I love your writing, sans sugar coating. I am 21 years old and /manage/ my own blog as well, although not exactly on blogspot.com. I came across your blog when a friend posted (on Facebook) a link from your blog regarding Globe's service, though I cannot add more to that since I don't really patronize any of their services. I would just like to drop a note on your blog to say that you are a great writer. I am also pretty sure that you're handling your kids well. Keep writing. :) - Abby (cute coincidence, it's just that my name ends with Y :p)

    1. Thanks, Abby! It really makes me smile to know that I have readers. Lol! Anyways, I'll find some time to update this blog with more kwentos real soon. Medyo busy lang talaga these past few days. But hey, let's be cyber-friends! Let me know you better by sending me your blog's link. :p


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