Jan 10, 2013

My First-Born.

At age 4, I can say that A is pretty smart. Oh, I am a proud mom. Hehe. But seriously, she is. We were having this little chit-chat the other week:

A: Ma, bakit kelangan mong mag work?
Me: Kasi Baby, pag hindi nag work si Mommy, hindi ako makakabili ng mga pasalubong mo.
A: Ahh..
A: (A to her little sister) Kaya Baby, wag ka malulungkot pag umaalis si Mommy kasi uuwi rin naman sya pag gabi na saka may pasalubong pa.
Me: :)

It’s funny to hear li’l kids speak like adults. They are nothing but adoring. J The other day, this was our conversation like:

A: Ma, love mo ‘ko?
Me: Yes, anak. I love you.
A: Super love?
Me: Oo naman, super love.
A: As in super super love?
Me: Yes, baby.
A: Thank you, Ma! I love you, too.

See...that was sweet..and smart.
She was like 2 years old at this picture. Oh, I forgot the exact date.


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