Jan 31, 2013

My Mom's Laing.

I saw this picture in my folder, I guess I have to share it.

Again, please excuse the blurry picture.

My mom's specialty

My mom doesn't cook before. I grew up with a helper who cooks so well. Kaya hindi na nag effort si Mama before na mag-aral magluto. So, when I became independent and lived away from her, she opted to live alone na lang without any kasambahay. That's the only time she started learning how to cook. Ang alam ko, master sya ng prito at sinabawan. Pero yung mga may sarsa, hindi nya pa masyadong niluluto. Maliban of course sa mga ginataan. Yes, I am a Bicolana. Kaya 'yang Laing ang specialty nya. Looks yummy? Masarap talaga 'yan. Promise. :)

I'll share her recipe here someday.

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