Jan 19, 2013

Cold Weather.

I've been sneezing non-stop since yesterday because of this cold weather..my two kids are still recovering from colds. Pero ok na ngang ako na lang ang magkasakit kesa dun sa dalawang bagets.

Anyway, I am still thankful for the cold weather kasi hindi mahirap lumabas ng office for lunch. Hindi masyadong maramdaman si Haring Araw. At mas nakakatipid sa electric bill kasi hindi na kailangan mag aircon sa gabi. Hehe. The only disadvantage I think is the high probability of catching a flu, a simple cough or colds. So, let's be proactive to avoid being sick nowadays. Eat fresh fruits. Drink a lot of water. And try to have 8 hours of sleep. And smile more.

With a cold wind outside plus a colder wind from our office a/c unit, it's freezing cold here at my desk..uhh ohhh, I don't want to catch a flu on weekends. Not good. :(

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