Oct 16, 2013

A Prayer

Dear God,

Our country has not been spared from all kinds of turmoil; war, fire, flood and earthquake. We've lost quite a number of our countrymen and a lot have been badly hurt. Homes, schools, buildings and churches were also not spared from all these. For that, we humbly ask you Almighty Father to look after those affected by these calamities and we pray for their healing and fast recovery.

Father, may they find comfort in your words and see light through the compassion of others. May they learn to let go of the pain and embrace the promise of a brighter tomorrow. Bless them Lord God with more wisdom and strength so they may obtain the answers to their questions. Shower them with love so they can see reasons beyond the agony. And let them find light in the darkness of night.

Heavenly God, may you give your guidance to those in Bohol, Cebu, Siquijor, Nueva Ecija, Zambales and Zamboanga, that they may be able to stand firm as they go on with their lives. May they hold-strong on to their faith as they take one step at a time towards better days.


Oct 15, 2013

1st Family Staycation: Acacia Hotel Part 1

I did the right decision on booking our very first family staycation at Acacia Hotel. I chose to use the coupon I bought from Deal Grocer (one of the group buying sites that are so IN right now) 2 days before my birthday. There couldn't be a better timing than this.

My small family is not used to grandiose living. (Kaya talagang pinag ipunan ko 'tong bakasyon na 'to. And it's all worth it!) That's why we were really amazed with everything that this hotel has to offer. From the concierge, to their majestic receiving area, down to the smallest details in our room. Everything is PERFECT!

The kids feeling at home

They just can't sit down

Meeting new friends

The Little Girl exploring The Lobby

The two kids loved the bed. I could simply tell from their smiles. How I wish I could take this home!


We walked and walked around the room. I simply couldn't believe my eyes that we're actually staying here for a night. I may sound OA to some of you mga mare, pero this is my first time (as much as I can recall) to stay in a 5-star hotel. Pagbigyan nyo na ako. We're cheap like that. =)

Upon entering the room, they started checking out everything

Complimentary tea and coffee
Complimentary water and more

Bath soap, body wash, shampoo and conditioner

The bathtub where the kids stayed most of the time

Safety deposit box for our valuables

We rested for a while and headed out to the pool area so the kids could swim before we hit the mall for dinner. Angela was in heaven. Tuwang tuwa ang bagets. It was the first time that I knew she didn't feel scared of the water. Before kasi, she'll just sit on the corner and play with the water. But now, she was freely swimming walking around. Nakakatuwa! She's all grown up! =)

The happy hubby

Feeling shy at first

Originally, I didn't plan to let the little girl swim with her Ate. I know I just can't allow her near a water in the afternoon, much more in a breezy afternoon. Yun kasi lagi ang nag ttrigger ng cough and colds nya. I don't want her to get sick again. If you've read my posts here, here and here, you will surely understand my hesitation. Pero I couldn't deny her either the joy that I'm sure she'll experience once her little feet touched the pool. Oh boy, I was right! She was ecstatic the moment she felt the water beneath her. Such a lovely sight!

After the short but sweet time spent at the pool, we took off to the nearest mall. Since the hubby was in full vacation mode, we decided to maximize the hotel's services and asked for the shuttle to take us to Alabang Town Center. Feeling turista lang. Haha.

Initially, I wanted to eat at Yakimix kasi I'm sure Angela will enjoy the desserts but the hubby didn't want to since it is a Saturday. We agreed to eat at Fridays instead. Should I've known that there's a big crowd of UAAP fanatics inside, I'll decide otherwise. Not that I hate basketball or UAAP, I just want a more relax atmosphere for the kids. Well, nanay na nanay lang ang peg ko. Lol!

After dinner, we had a short walk and then headed back to the hotel. Upon walking inside The Lobby, balik agad ang pagka feeling turista namin. Lol! There's a live jazz music being played there every night pala. Sosyal! The hubby whispered to me that he wants to stay for a bottle of beer but when he realized that we have kids in tow, "next time na lang pala, bhe". Poor guy! Next time it must be just the two of us. Sorry kids, Dad and Mom needs some quality time alone, too. =)

I was a happy mom when I closed my eyes. I was so damn sure my hubby and the two kids had a good night sleep, too!

She was all over the place

She can't get enough

The happy Ate before hitting the bed

...to be continued

Oct 10, 2013

Day 3: Learning the art of letting go...

October 2, 2013

...letting go of the clutch pedal, it is. =)

For the last 2 days of my driving lesson, the clutch pedal has been my worst enemy. I had a hard time mixing it up with the gas pedal. It is always either I release it too quickly causing the engine to die on me or holding it down too much that the car wouldn't move an inch. Plus, I was very scared to hit the gas pedal thinking that I might hit someone if I do. I know, I know, I am too naive.

Don't get me wrong mga mare kasi I know I mentioned in my previous posts that I did great. I said that because I was able to survive 2 hours on the road without hitting someone or someone else's car. And to think that I survived EDSA and C5 is really a big deal for me.

On my last day with Smart Driving School, Clifford was the assigned instructor for me. He was the exact opposite of the two previous instructors that I had, Aris and Lito. He was witty. I knew that the moment I took the driver's seat. Kaya I can really say that I was relaxed and comfortable the whole time. Sabi na nga ba, hindi ko pa rin matimpla timpla yang clutch at gas na yan. Yun pa rin ang comment that I got that time. Pero he helped me with more techniques. He was patient enough to tell it to me over and over again. Hindi ko alam kung matigas lang talaga ulo ko or matigas lang talaga ang ulo ko kaya hindi ko makuha kuha yun. Paulit ulit lang. Lol! Anyways, I made sure naman na before we ended the day, I was able to apply everything that he taught me para hindi naman ako mapahiya, di ba?

He took me to the narrow streets in Mandaluyong. Maganda daw yun para maging familiar ako sa size ng sasakyan ko. He also taught me how to park in between cars. Ay sus! Madali lang pala! Chos!

All in all, I had a wonderful experience with all of them. Iba iba talaga sila ng style ng pagtuturo. Ang bottom line lang talaga is, yung magiging diskarte na ng driver sa iba't ibang sitwasyon.

Did I learn from the 6 hours I had behind the wheel? I think, yes. I gained confidence. A lot of it. Am I ready now to take my own car to the office? I guess not yet. I can't see myself driving alone along EDSA. Hehe. But soon, I know I will. =)

If you want to try Smart Driving School, visit their website for more information.

Smart Driving School
St. Francis Square Mall
Gl-012 (near LBC and Western Union)
Tel #: 631-1663

Oct 7, 2013

Happy 30th Birthday to ME! =)

Life has never been this better.

Thank you Almighty God for all the blessings! =)

Oct 3, 2013

Day 2: Learning the proper footwork

October 1, 2013

Image Source

As I've mentioned in my previous post, the instructor find my footwork awful. So to prevent more catastrophic event on the engine, I did my homework. Although I didn't practice on our car, I practiced on the floor with my imaginary pedals. If you could only see me, I'm sure you'll have a good laugh. Lol!

Lito was my instructor that day. He was as serious as Aris. Ok, not as serious. He can manage a little smile from time to time. I guess I just made them nervous with my driving. Lol! =)

A little snippet from our conversation:

Lito: Ma'am, ilang taon ka na ba?
Me: 30 na po, Sir.
Lito: (Looking bizarre) Talaga? Mas matanda pala ako sayo. 33 na kasi ako. Matured kasi mukha mo, Ma'am.

Toinks! At mukhang seryoso sya sa sinabi nya, hindi nya kasi binawi. Loko yun ha?! =)

We went to the same area like the first day. And I was more comfortable with my driving moves than before. With lesser unexpected stall from the engine, I was pretty happy with myself.

He taught me how to park the car, diagonal and parallel parking. Though we ran out of time to learn horizontal parking, I know I have more than enough new learning that day.

Lito told me that I can already do long distance driving but I need to practice more if I want to bring my car to the office. Which is why I took the class. I detest the terminal. I now hate commuting to and from the office. It sucks bigtime!

After the 2nd day of my driving lessons, I can pass as 7 out of 10. That's me grading myself. Lol!

Oct 2, 2013

Day 1: Driving Lesson with Smart Driving School

September 30, 2013

I came giddy and a little nervous to St. Francis Square last Monday for my first day of driving lesson. I didn't know what to expect kasi. My mind was filled with questions like: "What would my instructor look like?", "Will I whack someone else's ass while he/she cross the street or hit a car along the way?", "Can I do it? Really really do it without my husband with me?"

The ever beautiful Shane, the receptionist, introduced me to my instructor that day, Aris. I was happy to see that the car assigned to me that day is the same car that we owned. Confidence improved my mood and nervousness left my system right away. Until it was my turn to drive, it came back even stronger. Haha! Ang yabang ko pa naman to tell the instructor that I know the basics of driving when I can't even make the car move an inch. Nakaka-pressure naman kasi ang lolo mo! Although he didn't shout at me, I can feel his disappointment everytime the engine dies on me. I kept on saying sorry and sorry. Hehe. The instructor was good. The student, that was me, was bad in following instructions. Yun lang yun. =)

We drove around Ortigas area, went out to C5 and Shaw Boulevard. I was relax half the time and fidgety the other half. Over all, I think I did good naman. Considering that it's my first time to drive here in the metro. Pagbigyan nyo na ako. *Wink

I didn't hit someone or bump a car. I learned what I should learned that day. Although he left a comment on my assessment form that says I need improvement to my footwork, I still deserve a pat on the back for a job well done.

Smart Driving School
St. Francis Square Mall
Gl-012 (near LBC and Western Union)
Tel #: 631-1663

In a few days...

..just a little bit more, I'll be hitting the big 3-0! Oh, yeah! One more year, wala na ako sa kalendaryo (pero nasa lotto pa rin naman, lol).

I thought of 30 before as the age where wrinkles start (this could be true to others though), grey hair multiplies fast (Oh, that's me. Well, mine is hereditary.) and skin starts to age (as in kulubot levelz). OA lang pala ako. Because I didn't feel old at all. Yes, I have matured. Time made me wiser. 29 years of life's different episodes made me tougher. Trials gave me learnings. Memories, happy or not, made my life colorful and meaningful. But I am definitely not old.

I am happy with what my 29 years have turned out. It wasn't perfect. Way beyond perfect, I must say. I was traversing the wrong road when I was younger. I fell hard. I made silly mistakes. I was almost at the brink of losing everything. But with prayers and proper guidance, I gained my sanity back, thanks to my ever supportive mother and relatives. Now, I am wiser and tougher. I am proud of myself! *Slow Clap

I am looking forward to more years of bountiful blessings, happy memories, more kids (or just one more, a boy perhaps), more adventures and even more trials.

And I know I can never go wrong this time. I have a wonderful husband who will guide me all the way. He's turning 30 after a month, too. =)

Happy 30th to us, Bhe! =)