Feb 4, 2014

I am pissed, Globe! I am pissed.

To say that I am an avid subscriber of Globe is an understatement. I am so loyal to this network that even if I worked for their competitor for 3 years in my early days as an Engineer, it never occurred to me to let go of my Globe sim. Never. I even convinced my mom and other relatives to switched from Smart to Globe because I deliberately talked to them about my wonderful relationship with this network. I loved you, Globe with all my heart until yesterday. You hurt me, BIGTIME! I was disappointed, BIGTIME!

I really felt down and low when you abruptly disconnected our postpaid lines. Without any advance notice. Without unpaid bills. Oh no, you didn't just cut our lines. You totally removed our communications to the outside world. No outgoing transactions, no incoming ones, no f*cking signal!! WTF, Globe?! I was loyal to you all these years, why this?

I calmly called your customer hotline in the first few hours, after I've done more than enough of phone resetting, just to add more anxiety to my existing dilemma. I've learned that you disconnected our postpaid lines due to security reasons. Again, SECURITY REASONS. What am I now, a threat to you or to this country? Did you have any single idea what went through my mind after hearing those words from your agent? To add more inconvenience, I was told to go to your new office in BGC and look for Mr. Uychutin, which I've gathered is somewhat a big boss to your Security Department. The postpaid accounts are under my husband name. Globe, my husband and I are amongst those ordinary subscribers of yours who work hard to be able to meet their monthly dues. We are no VIP, nor security threat to you or to this country.

Still, my husband went to your office in BGC despite his work to clear the issue and hopefully restore our postpaid lines. He wasn't able to talk to Mr. Uychutin as said to be noted on our trouble ticket or whatever you may call it. Two gentlemen from Security Department was sent from their office in Pioneer to BGC instead. Actually, they were sent when my husband refused to go to their Pioneer office since that's where the Security Department is. Ang hassle naman kasi, di ba? In the first place, why would you ask us to go to BGC and look for Mr. Uychutin when you knew that he is not there? My husband asked these people if this case is normal or if they have encountered the same issue before, the answer was NO. They didn't even know why the postpaid lines were disengaged. Even the Business Center people were confused why this has happened. Kung kayo na-confuse, paano pa kaya kami?

My good husband waited for a few hours and decided to pay our bills (due date is still on the 3rd week of the month) as advised by the two gentlemen. They told my husband that they will reconnect our lines as soon as they receive the clearance or some sort from the Security Office (which the two gentlemen promised to issue since they found no problem with our accounts). Then that was it. No exact date as to when we will get back our goddamn signal.

The waiting game isn't over as I type this rant. But more than this predicament at hand, I was just wondering what would be the case if this happened to someone, let's say in Visayas or Mindanao area? Isn't it such an inconvenience to say the least? Come on, Globe! You have a lot of issues waiting to be resolved. Do something naman.