Jan 25, 2013

Story-Telling Time.

Let's start with this:

I am a 29-yr old Engineer. I married a guy the same age as me with the same title pero iba yung field. I had my first baby at 25. Our first car at 27. Our first house at 29. Ngayon ko lang na-realize that I should be really proud of our achievements as a couple. Di ba? :)
I was able to see the Petronas Towers in KL at 27, went up the Marina Bay Sands at 28. Stayed (almost lived) in Palawan for 3 months. I super enjoyed the perks of my profession. Hehe.

I stopped working during my pregnancy for my two kids. Because (1) I was not comfortable waking up early and sitting for hours; and (2) as per my OB's advise (I had maselan pagbubuntis kasi). My second pregnancy wasn't easy like my first. But the pains and aches were all worth it. Right, mommies? :)

3 months after giving birth to my second daughter, I went back to work. And I would agree to a lot of moms that its heart-breaking to leave your most precious possessions to someone else's care. Pero kung gusto nating mabigyan ng bonggang bonggang future ang mga babies natin, kailangan talagang magtiis. :(

Anyways, after 3 months with my previous employer, I got a better job offer and took the chance without having second thoughts. Sana lang I made the right decision. Hehe.

When I started re-doing my BLOG, I am now part of this new company. And this is the reason why I have time to read and follow and get inspired and write and save and post blogs. For the simplest reason that, WALA PA KAMING GINAGAWA NGAYON DITO SA OFFICE. Which led me to wonder why would this company mass hired when we don't have anything to do yet? Imagine, they are paying more or less 20 people for coming here in office and consume all the bandwidth in internet browsing. Personal assumption ko lang yung number of people. Pwedeng mas madami pa kaming ganito lang ang ginagawa. :)

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