Jan 31, 2013

My Priceless Possessions.

I remember I haven't shared yet my priceless possessions. Pardon the blurry pictures, wala pa akong magandang camera. Kawawa naman ako. Though my husband and I own 5 point-and-shoot cameras, (Swear! Gamit naman kasi namin sa business kaya ganun karami) I seldom use them. Tamad kasi akong magdala ng kung anu ano. So please bear with my pictures or with my full-text posts. Promise, someday I'll get myself a DSLR. (wish wish wish).


Me and Li'l Me. This was taken in Tagaytay during the
Holy Week  last year. I was still pregnant with our second baby.
Meet my handsome husband with our second Princess. This was
taken last December 30, 2012.

There you go. They are my priceless gems and I will surely treasure them for the rest of my life. :) Aren't they lovely?

I will share more pictures of my family once I get to own a nice camera.

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