Jan 9, 2013

The First of So-Many Firsts.

first blog. actually, not really my first. many times i was inspired by bloggers. many times din that i've tried making senseful blogs or stories. pero i just seem to drift off and just lose the inspiration. and now, im starting again.

simpleng tao lang ako. na may mga simpleng pangarap sa buhay. isang simpleng mamamayan ng ating bansa na nangangarap mabigyan ng magandang kinabukasan ang kanyang anak. having said so, i am now an OFW. kinailangan kong umalis kasi walang trabaho para sakin ngayon sating bansa. ironic isnt it? bakit sa ibang bansa may trabaho para sakin? bakit sa sarili kong bansa, wala?

may isa akong kaibigan dati na pumunta ng dubai para din makipagsapalaran. inhinyero din sya. after 3 months, sabi nya samin, hindi na nya kaya yung lungkot. kami namang mga kaibigan nya, patuloy pa rin sa pagbigay ng moral support and advices. telling her not to come home yet. telling her to be strong. and telling her that homesickness is normal and it will go off sooner than she thinks. kala ko ganun lang kadali yun. mahirap pala talaga pag nasa malayo ka. mahirap pag malayo ka sa mga taong mahal mo.

sabi ko sa sarili ko when i first set foot on this foreign land, kaya ko to. sanay naman akong mag isa. magaling naman ako sa pakikisama. ilang buwan lang naman to. panis to sakin. pero habang lumilipas ang araw....dun ko nararamdaman na pucha, mahirap pala.

ilang araw na lang din makakauwi ako sa pinas para makapag bakasyon. sabi ko sa boss ko, kahit 2 weeks lang. hindi daw pwede. alam ko daw kung anong sitwasyon meron ang kumpanya ngayon. 1 week lang daw. cge, ok na yun kesa walang bakasyon. pero pag umuwi ako satin, alam kong pag iisipan ko na ang pagbalik dito.

gusto kong hiramin yung linya ng kaibigan ko. sabi nya, "i was born a fighter. not a quitter." ako din naman eh. i know i am a fighter. i never quit on anything. bahala na.

kaya ko to.

Above is my nth attempt to start a blog. And I just found myself earlier, inspired and all, deleting my previous ones and starting all over again. Sabi nga nila, try and try lang. Who knows, maybe now I am more motivated than ever. 

Last week at work (I hope my boss won't be able to come across this), I was reading (and started following) different blogs by different moms. So that speaks for my new blog title. I couldn't think of anything else more suitable for me than this. 

I am a proud mom of two wonderful girls. A, who turned 4 last December is already on her Pre-School. And R is only 7 months old. My husband is a very private person so I opt to exclude him in all my blogs (maybe there would be exceptions someday). 

I found myself laughing after reading the blog above. By the way, I wrote it while I was in Malaysia last 2011. So, that was only 2 years ago. Pero parang it seems old to me na. I decided to work abroad and grabbed that opportunity even if it pays less than what I should get, because of kawalan ng opportunity dito satin. I lasted 4 months in Malaysia and 2 months in Singapore. I felt pressured and a little desperate that time because all of my friends are employed and I was jobless. And I have A to feed. To make the story short, after 6 months of being away from everybody, I am back in Pinas. And that was when my second angel was conceived. :)

I am currently employed and married and happy. Now, I have more inspirations to continue writing (frustrated writer kasi ako) and to continue this online journal of mine.

Before I end this post, I would like to thank all my new inspirations (MOM Bloggers). Thank you for inspiring me all over again.

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