Mar 15, 2013

This is My Secret Blog.....Yes, it is! :)

When I started blogging, it was never my intention to be noticed or have followers. It just came as a perk to me. I was even totally unaware that I can earn extra bucks while doing so. Plus, I'll make new friends pa pala. Promise! I write down my thoughts just for the sake of....writing. Do I make sense? Lol! Wala lang, I thought keeping a diary online is kinda cool, 'ya know?! And then, I matured. I became a mom. I have to feed two more stomachs. And I came across a lot of mommy blogs. That inspired me to re-fuel and keep on writing. And now I'm here, still trying to make sense so I can attract strangers. Yes, nobody (that I know) knows that I have a blog. I'm too shy to tell them. How do I tell them anyways?

Me: Oi Friend, read my blog naman.
Friend: Ano yun?

Eh pano pag tinanong nila ako what my blog is all about?

Friend: Sure. Tungkol saan ba yung blog mo?
Me: Ehhh, wala lang, kung anu-ano lang yung isinusulat ko.

Would they read this? Hmmm...Saka ko na siguro ipangalandakan sa kanilang lahat pag medyo madami na akong alam sa mundong ito.

How about you, Guys? Pano nyo sinabi sa mga friends nyo na meron kayong blog na pwede nilang basahin? :)

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