Mar 12, 2013

MyHealth Clinic and Maxicare

I just got back from my check-up which I really opted imperative now that I am being too paranoid for my health. Since the trip to ER happened, I became excessively conscious of every single throb in my body. As in. And guess what? Meron nga akong na-observe. Simula kahapon, I've been experiencing pulsating-like stomach. Or above stomach na. Just right below my left chest. Noticeable talaga sya kasi pati damit ko gumagalaw. At because internet is so matalino, I searched for the possible cause and effect of my current condition. Hindi ko na kelangan pang sabihin kong ano ang mga resulta, after lunch, go na ako agad sa MyHealth Clinic in Shangri-La. Sosyal lang! Shang pa talaga. Hehe. Yun na po kasi ang malapit na clinic sa office namin na accredited ng Maxicare.

To make this story short, the doctor advised me to have a repeat ECG, have my blood test for thyroid and have a thyroid ultrasound. More likely daw kasi na yung pulsating stomach ko eh related rin sa thyroid. I did all the tests except for the thyroid ultrasound kasi 5pm pa raw available yung doctor. Huwaaattt? Bukas na lang yun kasi tumakas lang ako sa office. Hehe. Takas na lang ulit ako bukas. Lol!

Anyways, what I really want to blog about is my experience with the clinic and Maxicare. Oh my, the staff were all courteous. Even the guard was accommodating. I was actually hesitant to try their branch in Shangri-La. Feeling ko kasi baka hindi ako pansinin kasi mukha lang akong mahirap. (Tears!) But then, I was totally wrong. The nurses were all helpful (and good-looking mind you). At sobrang malinis yung clinic. As expected. :) Pati yung mga doctors nila mukha talagang friendly and mababait. Highly recommendable yung MyHealth Clinic.

As for the Maxicare, it's the second HMO that I've got to try. And nakakatuwa yung service nila. Hassle free yung transactions ko with them today. I don't have to wait long for their approval of my lab tests. Isang swipe lang and voila! Pila ka na agad for your turn with the doctor or with the medtech (for the lab tests). I've read kasi sa mga forums before na yung ibang HMO medyo hassle pa yung procedures nila para lang sa isang simpleng check up. Kaya I am so happy with Maxicare kasi ang bilis lang talaga. You won't feel at all na you're using your health card kasi tuloy tuloy yung flow nung check up ko kanina.

I'll be back tomorrow sa clinic for my thyroid ultrasound and to see an endocrinologist. I hope and pray that everything will be alright. :)

If you want to try MyHealth Clinic, please visit their website here for their services and other branches. And if you want to inquire and try Maxicare, click here.

MyHealth Clinic
EDSA Shangri-La Plaza Mall 
Ground Level Unit 146 EDSA Shangri-La Plaza Mall, 

EDSA cor Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City 1554
(02) 570-4325 



  1. Natawa ako dun sa tumatakas sa office pag check up hehe. Ginawa ko din yun recently haha! we are also using Maxicare. I say, they have very accommodating staff in the office. May bday gift pa silang binigay. I told them hindi ginawa ng Intellicare yun. Nice post!

  2. Talaga? Ang sweet naman nila, sana birthday ko na rin. Lol! I'm planning na rin nga to get Maxicare for my whole family.

    Thanks for your thoughts, sis! I've browsed your blog and I think I need to write myself a letter, too. ;)

  3. Maxicare is also my health card. I'm happy reading your blog. I have a lot of fun.


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