Mar 16, 2013


Spell S-U-M-M-E-R! (I spelled it B-E-A-C-H!)

And this year, we're going to...NOWHERE! (We haven't decided YET.) I'm still hoping we'd come up with a plan. It's not yet late though.

I was pregnant with my second baby last year that's why we spent the whole summer at home. Oh, we went swimming one time. In a pool, yes. :) If I am only to decide, this year I want to go to Palawan (again) with the two kids. I want to go island hopping in El Nido. I want my kids to enjoy the picturesque of that island. And I'd like them to feel that it's indeed more FUN in the Philippines. 

This was taken last 2010 from the veranda of our hotel in El Nido
Island hopping in El Nido

I was about to post every pictures I have of Palawan and decided against it. Since summertime it is, I will post another entry na lang for my 4-month stay on that beautiful island. Watch out for it! :)

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