Mar 20, 2013

My Hair had it all!

The Buhaghag look:

Elementary days...1995

The Gang look:

High school days...1999-2000

The Young and Innocent (?) look:

College days...2004-2005
The Young and Flirty look:

Early years of my career (chos!)...2007

The Young Mom look:

Early months of 2009

The Ngarag look:

Later months of 2009 (pinakapayat kong katawan)

The Back look:

Hot-air Balloon Festival...2010

The In-love look:

Eto yung Palawan days ko...2010

The Wet look:

2011 in SG

And...The Hot-Momma (???) look:

2013 (mukhang ngarag pa rin naman, lol!)

Bow! :)

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