Mar 25, 2013

My own little diva

I know I've been talking nonstop about my Angela. Pagbigyan nyo na ako mga mare, I'm just super proud of her. :)

The big difference of having a daughter instead of a son, is the joy that they can give us, mothers. Especially when they can already exhibit their young kikayness. My Angela at her young age is so talented and maarte na. When she turned 3, she chooses her own clothes to wear. Nakakaloka pa kasi minsan pati yung mga supposedly sunday dresses nya eh ginagawa nyang pang everyday lang. Gusto nya raw kasi, lagi syang maganda. Recently, her Tita Ninang Maan gifted her with a make-up kit. Aba, hindi na nya binitiwan at lagi ng naglalagay ng kung anu-ano sa mukha nya. When she started to understand the show of Willie Revillame (yes, we used to watch his show, WTBT), she always tell her dad that someday she'll join one of the segments and she'll sing and dance. Her first song to sing is Hawak Kamay of Yeng Constantino.

"Hawak kamay, 'di kita iiwan sa paglakbay,
Dito sa mundong walang katiyakay (katiyakan)
Hawak kamay, 'di kita iiwan iiwan sa paglakbay,
Dito sa mundong walang katiyakay (katiyakan)"

(repeat until magsawa sya)

Here, she uses the flashlight as her microphone. She's actually
dancing while singing.

Now I can't wait for my little Rain to grow up like her Ate. I think I have to invest two microphones (or two Magic Sing) for both of them. Para hindi nila kailangan mag agawan. Hihihi.

I know there's a lot of mommies out there who enjoy the same feeling, watching our little princesses in awe and much joy in our hearts. 

Queen B as she is now fondly called, together with The Little Bugger, are giving away a BEAUTIFUL dress for our young little divas. Denise has her own diva, the little popstar. Her pretty-smart-talented little treasure never fails to make her mama smile. You can check out her blog here to know more about her giveaway. And you can also check TLB's FB page to view her other products, and for sure mga mare, you'll find a piece or two that will make you drool. I actually posted some of my favorites here.

Join na mga mare! :)

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