Mar 14, 2013

Our small business

I've been meaning to share to you guys what my husband does for a living. Here it goes.

My uber handsome husband is a registered Civil Engineer. His first job was on a construction firm. That's where he learned the basics of construction. But impatient he is, he made a decision to look for other opportunities and decided to join Globe Telecoms. There he gained a lot of experiences (and drinking buddies as well). From building houses to cell site tower ang nangyari sa kanya. After that, he joined another company which helped him developed his managing skills naman. And when he felt he's responsible enough to have his own company, ayun, itinayo nya ang R. Mingo Builders. (At naging First Lady ako ng kumpanya. Lol!)

Our Company Logo

Managing a business is not easy. We may enjoy a little perks from time to time but it really requires time, patience and a lot of capital. :) A construction company requires a huge amount of funds, mind you. Hindi biro mga mare. Kelangan namin mag invest sa mga tools and machines. Buti na lang, marami kaming supporters. Hehe. Many believed in us. They helped us build our portfolio. My dad even believes that we will make it big someday. Mala DMCI lang ang pangarap. :) Pero just like any businesses, we also have our down-time. Sa ganitong business kasi, marami kaming dependencies. Ang importante, nakaka survive kami sa lahat ng trials na dumadating.

To my husband, thanks for wanting only the best for your family. I am so proud of you, Bhe!

Mga Mare/Mommies/Pare/Friends, if you are interested to get our service, please check out our FB page here. :)


  1. thanks for sharing a part of your success!!! Just believe in HIM! He will never let you down! COngrats and more power!

    1. Thanks, Joan! We haven't made it big yet. (We're still on the struggling phase. Hehe) And I put my trust in Him.


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