Feb 26, 2013

On learning to forgive and understand more

I've noticed myself changed a little these past weeks. I became too emotional and grouchy. Little things made me irritable and upset. I was beyond normal. And that ended me in an emergency room with a palpitating heart in the early hours of Monday. Rushing to the hospital was my 2 siblings who were supposed to be having fun but have to endure my nonsense issues. I love you both. :)

I've been rushed to the hospitals with the same case for as long as I remember. I am a happy person. If you know me personally, you'll love my positive attitude towards everything. But strong I may seem to be, I am a human who has her own weaknesses and vulnerabilities. I really hate complaining. So if things don't come as I expect it to be, I just let it be. But it didn't do me any good. I always end up wanting to say a lot of things but choosing to keep everything unsaid. Yun malamang ang nagbibigay sakin ng palpitations.

And this past week took me to the edge. I was too physically and emotionally stressed by our change in location, by our 2 house-help, by over-thinking for my new sideline and more petty issues. I think the latter one did it. Ang babaw ko noh? :) Kuya Rico, you're causing me heart attack everytime you call to follow up for our sideline! I told yah, I am overwhelmed with your offer! Hehe. Chillax chillax naman tayo minsan. And Bhe, lipat na tayo ulit sa mas malapit sa kabihasnan, nakaka-stress yung kabukiran natin. Jowk! I love the house, (you literally built it, so I LOVE IT! Totoo!) it's just that....it's just that, you know?! Hehe.

Anyways, as much as I wanted to make kwento what caused me the palpitations that was like a heart attack na para sakin, I have learned to forgive and forget and move on. Hehe. Instead of dwelling in negative things, LET THE POSITIVE VIBES BEGIN! :)

Good vibes, I need you now more than ever!

(By the way, according to the doctor, I have to check again with my endocrinologist if my thyroid issues recurred, sana hindi naman.)

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