Feb 12, 2013

What a Mom Misses

Being a mom is the greatest profession of all times. It's not as easy as ABC. There are lots of struggles and pains. From conception to giving birth. From nursing a baby to sending him/her to school. From teaching ABCs to algebra. Our kids milestone can bring us to heaven. And their mishaps can bring tears in our eyes. We work hard for their future. We wouldn't want them to feel hungry or feel sad. Their smiles are precious to us. And their tears always break our hearts. And being a mom also makes us miss a lot. Those days when we were being careless, our "me" time, our night-outs, our dates with friends, and even our dates with our husbands. Our kids become our first priority. I never heard a mother says the other way around. They are always our main concern. And we don't complain. Because we'd rather miss those things than to miss our kids' first step, first word, first tooth, first crush, first boyfriend, first heartache and a long list to go. We actually sometimes sound so OA. Because we always want to capture everything. We want to celebrate our kids' monthly birthday. My dad find it weird though, he said our kids wouldn't mind at all because they wouldn't even remember. But because we are mothers, we wanted to go overboard always when it comes to our precious gems.

I want my daughters to see me always within their reach so they won't feel alone. I want them to talk to me instead of lying to me. I want them to feel that I want to listen, so they won't feel ignored, and worst, unloved. I'd rather miss out a lot from my life than go missing when my daughters need me. 

The greatest promotion of all is to see our kids grow up and be someone. :)

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