Feb 9, 2013

A No-Occasion Letter to Papa.

In a week, we will be moving out from Papa's house to our "smaller-version" of a dream house (because yes, there will be definitely a larger dream house). We are staying with him now after our contract with our rented apartment ended. I decided to write him a letter to say thank you, para mas dramatic. Lol! And I want to share it with you. So here it goes:

Thank you, Papa!

Thanks for letting us stay (over-stayed J ) with you for more than a month. We will surely miss waking up with you on your jogging outfits but you seldom really run. I will miss coming home from the office with you sitting on your usual spot and typing away on your old laptop. I will miss you calling me ABEGAIL when I have a nickname. I will miss watching you drink your GREEN juices or whatever herbal thing it is. I will miss your LOUD TV at night which I’m sure all the neighbors can hear as well. I will miss missing you every weekend because you decided to sleepover just like what teenagers do. J Oh, I forgot, I wrote this letter just to say THANK YOU, PA! Hehe. I guess I just want you to miss me, too!

Papa, I love you to the moon and back! And I pray that you'll find your right match as we, your kids, have found ours. :) I personally want to see you happy with someone who will grow old with you. Someone who will laugh at your silly jokes. Someone who will stay with you no matter what. Someone who will take care of you. Someone who will make sure that you eat the right amount of carbohydrates and calories. Someone who will always make you drink your medicines on time. Someone who will stick with you through ups and downs. Someone who will never get tired of helping you ingress and egress your food carts. Someone who will always remind you of how bad smoking is to your health.

Maybe that someone will sound annoying already. Or will be too annoying actually. But it’s ok. Because I’m sure that she only wants you to be healthy to be around to see your grandchildren grow up and be as smart as you.

I want you to be with that someone but it doesn't really mean that we will see you less.

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