Feb 13, 2013

Gong Cha and more

Gong Cha Milk Winter Melon Tea with Pearls
I had my first sip of MILK TEA in Malaysia. Though I am both tea (teabag) and coffee lover, I was never introduced to MILK TEA until I came to Malaysia. Being a British colony, you'll find Teh Tarik (hot milk tea) in all their restaurants instead of coffee. Brits are known to be a tea lover. Just as I was browsing the net a while ago (I was looking for a better picture of Gong Cha Milk Tea instead of what I captured using my phone, which in the end I still posted above), I came across UKTC, it's United Kingdom Tea Council. Yes! They have a Tea Council! Awesome, right? You will find on the upper right of the website a counter, a counter for cups of tea consumed in UK as to date. Imagine their passion for tea that they made a website to count the cups of tea being consumed by Brits. You can also find there the benefits of tea to those who produce, sell and consume teas. So.....going back to what my title suggests. Lol! (I noticed that i've typed so much na but i'm drifting away from my title, hehe) It's my first time to try Gong Cha Milk Tea. I had Winter Melon with pearls. I've read somewhere before (you know me, I always forget) that it's the best tasting milk tea here in Philippines. Try naman ang lola mo. :) It tasted OK to me. Medyo disappointing lang kasi I always want my milk teas less sweet. I always request 20% sugar in Serenitea and The Tea Farm kaya I was a li'l surprised when the guy in Gong Cha counter told me that with Winter Melon, it is naturally sweetened. There's no way that they can adjust the sweetness. Ganun ba talaga dun? Anyways, I do agree that it's creamy and yummy. But I prefer it a li'l bitter. Yung mafi-feel ko yung brewed tea. :)

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