Feb 15, 2013

My sister is getting married!

I was not surprised by my sister's announcement months ago (I forgot when was it. Lol) that she's going to tie the knot with her not-so-long-time boyfriend (again, I forgot how long they were going out). She's already 28 years old, I guess that's old enough to settle down. But I just can't get over it. I feel sad. I know I should be happy. It's just that...I can't see them mature enough for marriage. :( I'm sorry my dear sister. You know I love you. And I want only the best for you. But aren't you cramming into getting married? Why? What's wrong? Get to know each other. Enjoy each other. I mean, you haven't been with each other that long, right? I'm not saying I don't like him. I know he's a good man. I just want you two to take your time. Take it slow. Don't rush.

Should I tell her my worries? Or should I just give them a chance? Hayyy...


  1. What a thoughtful sister... and she will always be your little sister. Being the ate, your worries are understandable.

    I think we're not that all matured when we entered marriage, but we grow matured during the process. 28 is old enough na. =)

    For me, just give them a chance, trust them and pray for them, and syempre andyan ka naman to give advice and words of wisdom =)

  2. Thanks, Nova! I guess you're right, I should give them a chance. I'm just emotional kasi I'll surely miss her. :)

    (Finally, I was able to publish my reply to you. Been trying this since yesterday. :) )


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