Feb 12, 2013

Thanks to Quaker Oat Cookies!

My on-the-go snacks
I hate the feeling of hunger. As in takot akong magutom. That's why I make sure that I have some biscuits or cookies in my bag whenever I go out. Para in case I get stuck in traffic, I wouldn't mind at all kasi I have something to chew. When I was in Malaysia, I was so addicted to energy bars or granola bars. Oh, I loved Nature's Valley Fruit and Nut! Past tense na yung "loved" kasi nagsawa rin ako. :) Nakita ko naman kasi sa 7-11 one time yung Quaker Oat Cookies kaya yun naman ang new addiction ko. I love the texture of their cookies. These cookies are made from whole grain quaker oats that make it a healthy snack. You can never go wrong with their flavors. What I love the most is yung Honey Nuts. So, now I make sure that we don't run out of these cookies. My whole family love it! :)

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