Feb 9, 2013

Excited to move-in

One more week and we will be moving in to our very OWN house! How's that to start the year? (Applause!)

It is every couples' dream to own a house and call it HOME. And we are just so lucky that at a young age, we were able to save up for our dream house. (Good job for us, Bhe!) 

I will be sharing the pictures here someday. I should be proud of it. The house is literally built with love. My husband worked his ass day and night to supervise his workers and sometimes sya na talaga ang gagawa. He's a Civil Engineer by the way. So he knows talaga kung anong ginagawa nya at kung anong gusto nyang mangyari sa bahay nya. 

Our two kids are just as excited as me. I'll invite everyone sa house blessing. Lol!

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