Apr 15, 2013

Sunday with Hubby

I know I mentioned in my post here that going out on dates with your partner is one key to a happy marriage. But whenever my husband's busy with work, kahit anong yaya ko, he really says no. Sad, noh? But wait, he found time yesterday to go out with me. Yes! Finally, I had him all by myself! Usually kasi, we tag along the kids on our dates. Aminin mga mommies, naguguilty talaga tayo kapag iniiwan natin ang mga bagets sa bahay. Kaya madalas, isinasama na lang namin sila. Family date lagi. Mabibilang ko na lang talaga sa daliri ko yung mga labas namin ni R na kaming dalawa lang. And yesterday was one of them. We watched a movie, you want to guess which movie? Syempre, we watched Laida and Miggy! Haha! Kinilig talaga ako sa kanilang dalawa. Ganda! Maganda talaga yung movie, sana may sequel pa. (Fan mode lang!) Anyways, after movie, we had dinner. And walked around in the mall while holding hands. Parang highschool lang ang peg. =)

I really had a great time yesterday. Sana maging madalas na ulit ang mga ganitong moments. Hihi.

Mga mommies, when was the last time you went out with hubby? Care to share? =)

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