Apr 23, 2013

Be thankful!

I grew up in a family with hearts full of devotion for the BIG GUY up there. I can still remember the years where I spent my summer vacations with a group of youth spreading out the word of God through summer camps. I can clearly remember how I spent weekends after weekends attending seminars with a nun and how I almost ended up just like her. And then I realized that God has a bigger plan for me. He wanted me to be a wife and bear his children.

That's where the unending gratitude happens. I know I should be more grateful and thankful and appreciative  of all the blessings that He has given me despite of my shortcomings as a Catholic. I have a loving and responsible husband. I have two adorable kids. I have my supportive family and in-laws. I have a job. Our small construction business is getting blessed as well. We are all healthy and happy. And a long list to go. Though I have confessed my devotion, I still have my inadequacy. I failed countless of times. I sinned over and over. But the Great Almighty, still, has forgiven me. And the blessings are still pouring! Keep 'em comin' Lord! Joke lang po, baka isipin nyo umaabuso na ako. =)

I've been having sleepless nights trying to figure out ways on how I will be able to express more my gratitude for all these blessings, when a simple prayer and a thank you will do.

Thank you, Lord for the burst of love. I should pay it forward.

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You may ask what made me open up of my feelings today. I asked that same question to myself earlier. I was even unaware that I'm heading on this topic when I started writing up this post. While I want myself to become more thankful for everything that God showered me with, I also want to express my gratitude for the trials and hardships that came my way. All of a sudden, I felt embarrassed for whining too much when someone else was having more terrifying experience than me. I felt mortified for questioning Him when someone else's child was sicker than mine. And most of all, I feel awful for some days that I neglected my children. I could have the most reasonable excuse for those days but now I know better.

Now I know better...

To Gavin, my prayer is with you little boy. You are the greatest superhero of all time...

To Kate, no words could ever ease your pain. Keep on praying. He will lift you up someday.

To those who do not know yet the story of this family, drop by Kate's blog and get inspired as well.

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