Apr 23, 2013

30 things before I turn 30!

I'll be celebrating my 30th birthday in five more months. The 29 years spent here on earth were like a roller-coaster ride. I had my fair share of happiness and pain. But I haven't stopped believing in life. And for this year, I wish to fulfill this list before I turn 30! Here goes my bucket list.

In no particular order:

1. Enroll in a yoga class
2. Learn how to drive (I know, right?)
3. Get myself a driver's license (as required for #2)
4. Go on a staycation with my family in a nice hotel
5. Road trip to Pagudpud with hubby (and that I will do the driving)
6. Out of the country trip with hubby
7. Learn to bake cupcakes and cakes
8. Open up a new business (could be related to food or clothes)
9. Start jogging
10. Exercise more
11. Experience Caramoan Island!
12. Visit an orphanage
13. Visit an old friend
14. Forgive someone from the past
15. Ask for forgiveness from someone I've hurt or offended
16. Learn to ride a bicycle
17. Cook often
18. Reinvent myself
19. Go on a retreat alone
20. Go on a retreat with hubby
21. Treat my mom to a spa
22. Blog more
23. Inspire others
24. Treat myself a gallon of ice cream (haagen-dazs please)
25. Learn to ice-skate
26. Wear a dress to office
27. Buy more dresses
28. Wear a stilleto shoes
29. Wear a two-piece swimsuit
30. Learn how to apply make-up

Whew! That was hard! I thought I could write down my list in a heartbeat. I bet it will be harder for me to fulfill all these.

Wish me luck! =)

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