Apr 17, 2013

A Prayer for Gavin and Kate

I can't remember exactly from whom I got the link to Kate's blog, Chasing Rainbows. I don't know the family personally but after reading her blog, I feel her, maybe because I am a mother. Just like Kate, I am a mother.

Kate Leong met the love of her life on an unexpected trip to Puerto Rico while she was working as a Flight Attendant. They got married. And they waited and waited to be blessed with a child. After painful miscarriages and a good faith, they were blessed with an angel. Gavin was born with a number of health issues. Actually, surviving day 1 was already a big miracle for the family. And being an angel himself, he survived them all. They got pregnant again while Gavin was only 6 months old. Another baby boy came and was named Brian. Brian became Gavin's strength. The family believed that Brian became his brother's greatest therapist.

Gavin struggled for his life. At age 5, I personally believed that he had fought the biggest battle that us, adults, couldn't imagine possible. I started reading his mom's blog 2 days ago. I was supposed to share with you their stories 2 days ago. But I was so emotional that I can't type a sentence without my tears flowing down my cheeks. Seriously guys, I am so proud of Kate for holding on to her faith and being able to share their stories as they happen. She was blogging the day Gavin passed away. He's on his way to heaven, all his loved ones believe that. I know he's on his way to heaven.

Gavin and Kate Leong

I'll be praying for Gavin and his family. Please include them in your prayers, too. 

Get inspired by Gavin and read their whole story at Chasing Rainbows.

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  1. This is a very touching story. I am jumping and checking chasing rainbow right now. Thanks. Indeed, the pain when your children is suffering is just so indescribable.


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