Apr 15, 2013

EK: I am a breakfast person!

I really feel incomplete without full breakfast in the morning. Just like today. I felt a little jaded when I reached my office. I actually felt too lazy to work. And then I made my way to our canteen for my morning breakfast. And tada!! Now, I feel more energetic and ready to face the day! =)

Do you also feel the same way mga mare? It is indeed true, at least to me, that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Ako ha, I certainly become grouchy whenever I skip breakfast. Alam mo yun, mainit talaga ulo ko. Exagge man sa iba pero if you are a breakfast person, you'll agree with me.

Kayo mga mare, what did you have for breakfast? I had (half order) rice, hotdog, longganisa and coffee. Solb! *Burp

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