Apr 17, 2013

I am a WOHM

When I started blogging, I also begun gaining more friends. Single and married ones. And then I met SAHMs (stay-at-home-moms), I certainly envy them. Just imagine, they get to prepare their kid's foods and be assured that they are anything but healthy and safe. They can shower them and see to it that they brush their teeth as well. They can play non-stop and won't get easily tired. And they can put them to bed and read them their favorite books. Just some of the things that I cannot do because I am a Work-Outside-Home-Mom.

My husband and I decided to put up our own company, it's because we envisioned ourselves working at the convenience of our own house. Just like everyone, we don't want to be an employee forever. Especially now that we have 2 kids, I always wanted to work at home while I attend to their needs. Di ba? We, moms, don't want to miss our kids' milestones, right? And I don't want to feel useless if I don't get to earn money for my family. Don't get me wrong mga mare, that's just me.

That made me want to stay at home even more.

Last holiday, Angela and I went to the mall to have our mother-and-daughter bonding. I promised her that we'll eat at Jollibee and have some fun after. And that was exactly what happened. The moment we entered the mall, we went straight to the play area and spent an hour there. We rode the mini ferriswheel (tama ba?) afterwards and ate at Jollibee. We had a little shopping and then we went back home. It was tiring for me but seeing her happy was more than enough. And that's where it occurred to me once again how much I missed of my daughter's growing up years because I am a working mom.

Me: Bhe, someday dito na lang ako sa bahay at ako na lang mag aalaga sa mga bagets.
Bhe: Kaya nga ako nagsusumikap makahanap ng maraming projects para dito ka na lang sa bahay.

Ayun naman pala. May maganda naman palang adhikain si mister sa ilang gabing pagpupuyat at sa ilang araw na araw araw sya nasa labas. =)

I'll wait for that day that I don't have to wake up early for work. That day that I'll be the one again to give my kids a bath. And that day that I don't have to rush home so I could spend a little time with them before they drift off to dreamland.

Kaya mga mare, kung magpaparenovate kayo ng bahay, or magpapatayo pa lang, or magpapalagay ng gate o bakod. Or kahit magpapadesign lang, let me know. We'll be happy to be of service to you. =)

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