Apr 8, 2013

EK: Monday Kwentuhan

Good morning mga mare!

How was your weekend?

Ako, I was able to relax a little last weekend. Angela was a little grouchy pa rin nung Saturday but no fever na kaya ok na ako dun. According to the doctor, the fever was caused by infection in her right ear. The doctor saw small amount of pus inside. Hindi na natanong ni mama what caused the infection. In-assume na lang namin na siguro napasok ng tubig yung ear nya nung nag swimming swimming sya tapos hindi natuyo yung tubig tapos yun na. Anyway, I am happy now that she's doing fine. =)

Yesterday, nagawa ko ng kuhaan ng picture yung dalawang bagets wearing the gifts from Denise and Krisna courtesy of their ever generous sponsors, Bop Baby Bop and The Little Bugger.

These are from Krisna of Life As A CEO and Bop Baby Bop.
Thanks, Bop Baby Bop! These are loved! =)
Baby Rain wearing the beautiful headband.

Polka dots kung polka dots ang baby.

This is from The Little Bugger and Denise, the Queen of her castle Bebengisms.
Thanks for this lovely dress, The Little Bugger! =)

Angela with her different poses. =)

The Mowdel pose

The Toothache pose

The Scoliosis pose, LOL!

The Famous Mommy Fleur's pose

and another one
 She's having a mini concert here using her toy as her microphone.

Happy Monday everyone! =)


  1. awww.. cuteness overload!!! thanks for posting this, mare! see you again soon! :)

  2. Thanks, mare! Cute lang talaga mga junakis natin. lol! =) Pero to the highest level na ang Y mo, sya may official photographer pa. Inggit ako! ;)


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