Apr 26, 2013

Road trip

For the first time since I got married and had children (naks, parang long time ago lang ang feel), I'll be travelling ALONE later tonight to my hometown in Bicol. Angela went with my mom for a short vacation after her graduation. It was supposed to be a long one but her school called me up last week that she still needs to be re-assessed before she can enroll for this school year. Hindi ko nga maintindihan kung anong pa-epek ng school yun, TOP 1 po ang anak ko nung nursery sya. Ano pa ho ba ang kelangan nyong i-assess sa kanya? Kaya naman ho naming bayaran ang tuition fee nya! Ooopppss, sorry I got carried away. Lol!

Anyway, I actually look forward for my 8-hour trip tonight. In fact, I miss travelling by bus. I miss the bus stops where the restaurants have overpriced meals just because the passengers have no other options. I miss buying the pasalubongs where the products are delicacies from Bicol (pasalubong to Bicol from Bicol, doesn't makes sense noh? Hehe). I miss the crowd in the bus terminal where you'll see familiar faces, strangers and a lot of noisy dispatchers trying to force you into their buses.

But I also fear leaving my youngest daughter behind. Alam nyo naman, praning tayong mga nanay. Although I am sure that Roniel will take good care of her, the mother in me just can't take it. (Toinks! Dalawang gabi lang naman pala akong mawawala. =) ) Basta, mamimiss ko pa rin ng sobra ang mag-ama ko. This is also the first time since we got married that I'll sleep without him beside me. Kahit dalawang gabi lang yun, dalawang gabi pa rin yun.

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