Apr 10, 2013

Why I love blogging

Tons of bloggers in the whole world will definitely agree with me once I stated my reasons why I so love blogging. And I know this is not the only post regarding this topic. Most of the bloggers I know have openly shared their motivations as well.

When I was younger, I kept a diary to myself. I wrote poems, short stories and daily inspirations. As well as all the troubles I'm into, my crushes and my secret relationship. But having an inquisitive mom, my diary was no secret to her, thus my adventures and escapades as a teenager. Surely, as a teenager who was very much curious of my surroundings with my planned escapades well written in a diary, I always get busted. But nowadays, with the help of technology, I am now into this blogging thing which is my online journal, I can easily get away from my nosy-not-techie mom. Oh uh, I forgot, I am no longer a teenager pala, I am already a married-grown-up woman with two adorable kids. So, no more misadventures for me. Ok, enough intro. I just got carried away, 'ya know?! =)

So, this blog serves as my online chronicle. I plan to write my day-to-day activity as a working mom and my journey as a wife. I'm still inching my way to achieving that goal. I am not yet big in this blogosphere. I am not even somebody yet. I have no plans initially to monetize this one but being a mom, I can't say no once opportunity knocks.

Here goes my personal reasons on why I decided to take blogging more seriously.

1. More than the monetary amount that I can possibly gain through blogging *crossed fingers, I am rewarded with more friends. I never really thought that I could meet true people in this cyberworld. I never imagined myself doing EB (eye ball) at this point in my life. Hehe. But heck, it was fun! =) And it is certainly true, that bloggers are really madaldal in person, as Krisna's mom put it.

2. I can put into words every milestone of our lives effortlessly. I can easily express my thoughts. Typing on a computer is definitely faster than writing manually on a sheet of paper. Reminiscing is more faster than usual. Hehe.

3. Through blog hopping, I can connect with moms like me and learn from them. Motherhood can never be easy. Yes, it can be fun. But it is never simple. And only mothers can communicate well on this topic. Best lessons come from our experiences.

4. Blogging is fun. I started doing so for fun. I just wanted to put into words my crazy ideas and dense thoughts.

5. And lastly, to earn even a little while having fun. =)

That's it pansit! Mga mare, feel free to share your thoughts on this. =)

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  1. Mare, bet ko nga din i-blog ang sinabi ng mudra re kadaldalan ng mga bloggers. Hahaha! :D


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