Sep 26, 2013

Red Kimono

The hubby never takes risk with his palate. Play safe yan lagi when choosing what to eat. Just like most of the men out there, he prefers homemade foods. Very typical lang talaga. Until he discovers his love for sushi and maki. Paminsan minsan kasi, he has no choice but to try other cuisine lalo na when I crave for them.

"SUMOSAM is the leading chain of Japanese restaurants in the country, founded and managed by 3 friends and top restaurateurs Raymund Magdaluyo, Ricky Laudico and Marvin Agustin." - from their FB page

We've been a regular in SumoSam because we love their sushi and crunchy makis. Kaya when we spotted Red Kimono in The District Mall in Aguinaldo Highway, we just have to give it a try.

According to their page:
"What sets us apart from our competitors is our modern and unconventional approach to Japanese cooking while remaining loyal to traditional elements of the cuisine. Ingredients are tweaked in order to create innovative dishes that taste and look amazingly appetizing and ensure that our patrons keep coming back for more." 
 I got myself California Maki and Prawn Tempura Classic Bento.

8pcs California Maki

Prawn Tempura Classic Bento

Red Kimono's serving may not be as generous as compare to SumoSam, I still love theirs kasi hindi ako nappressure ubusin yung food. I also find it cheaper in Red Kimono. Siguro dahil nga hindi ganun kalaki yung servings nila. Whenever hubby and I dine at SumoSam, we always have leftovers kaya sayang. While in Red Kimono, ubos talaga. =)

R got Salmon (or was it Tuna) Sashimi and Sukiyaki.

Salmon (or Tuna, I forgot LOL) Sashimi


And here's the aftermath.


Oopps! I shared my bento to R and I had a bowl of his Sukiyaki. We went home with happy tummy that day.

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