Sep 20, 2013

Mirinae Tea

We've been passing this store for a while now. But we have only decided to give it a try last Monday. Kasi there's a big note at the store facade saying "Buy 1 Take 1". Why not, chocnut?!

That's the original name of the store "Milky Way Tea",
I'm not sure why they changed it into Mirinae Tea, I'll ask them next time.

Upon inquiry, you'll get a free Assam Black Milk Tea in regular size when you order a large size of any Milk Tea variant. It's a good deal na di ba? On our first try, my friend ordered Dark Choco Mint Milk Tea in large so I get the free drink. I have no idea what the Dark Choco Mint Milk Tea tastes like and my friend said it is so-so. Kaya I was happy na with my free drink. I love Assam Black Milk Tea anyways. 

Here are the other variants.
As I type this post, I am sipping Mango Yakult Fruit Tea. Sana yung free drink na lang ulit kinuha ko. Hehe. It's ok but not that good. It's sour. Malamang di ba? Combine ba naman mango with yakult. Next time I want to try their pasta. =)

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