Sep 12, 2013

Yesterday Shopping Finds

I went shopping yesterday because I had a crappy week. Retail Therapy 'ika nga. =)

I was meaning to buy the kids new clothes kasi I noticed last week na maliliit na pala mga damit nila and SM is the right place to be. Hihi.

Here are my loots:

All these (plus the shirt and shorts below) for only P 1,600

She can't wait to try it all. Please excuse the kalat behind her. We took
the photo this morning before we fixed the bed. =)
I saw these cute tees, shorts and leggings for a very good price. Trust SM to give you good quality yet affordable clothes. The tees cost P 199 each. Bonggels di ba? =)

And then I went around to buy myself a pair of shoes. I found this cute nude ballet flats at Payless and it was love at first sight. =)

The most comfortable pair I ever had. I got this from Payless for P 1,250
Studded animal print sling bag, Payless at P 675

I have to grab that studded animal print sling bag because it was on sale. =)

That's it pansit!


  1. I envy you,, When can I go shopping kaya. tsk.tsk.Cute loots Mommy ^^

  2. I love SM ,too. Mura ang mga damit for kids no? I love your find,sis. And the flats! I can see myself heading to SM this weekend.:)

    1. Did you go shopping na sis? Share your finds din. =)


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