Sep 4, 2013

EK: Shakey's, my comfort food!

Did I mention here before that I worked as a manager in Shakey's? Hindi pa? Oh yes, naging Engineer slash restaurant Manager (not Restaurant Manager, just Manager) akish. Funny, right? I, myself, didn't see that coming.

I just gave birth to Angela when my cousin was looking for a part-time job while waiting for her chance to shine as a nurse. I went around with her. Supportive lang ang peg. Until one day, I decided to bring my resume with me kasi sayang lang din naman ang kakalakad ko. Although it was actually her who wanted to work at the pizza parlor, it was me they wanted. Lol! Na-curious daw kasi sila bakit nag-aapply ako sa kanila while I am a licensed Engineer.

To make the story short, I worked as a Manager for 9 months. It was short but sweet. I really learned a lot. At dahil sa short love affair ko with Shakey's, I developed a special connection with their foods. Chos! =)

I didn't come to work last Monday. I was not feeling well. I was feeling lazy. Shhhh! Ang bad ko, 'no? Hehe. Nabitin ako sa weekend kaya came Monday, tamad tamaran lang ang peg. Pero syempre, para hindi rin masayang yung hindi ko pagpasok, we ran some errands. Mission accomplished rin kami that day. And that's when we had lunch at Shakey's.

We meet again....

Chef's Choice Salad

Friday Special

My plate halfway done =)

We ordered Chef's Choice Salad, Creamy Mushroom Soup (not in the picture), Mojos (not in the picture) and Friday Special Pizza. Akala ko hindi ako mabubusog pero mga mare, full-filling sya. =)

I had a wonderful quick-lunch with R.

* I am such a failure with photography and food blogging. I just realized. =)


  1. Well,galing huh!hihihi.,I haven't tried to eat at Shakeys ata..OMG.!

    1. Try it sis. Masarap ang chicken nila. And of course, mojos. =)

  2. Talaga naman! I used to work at shakey's too. Ayaw ko pa nga mag resign dahil nakabuo kami ng magandang friendship dun. Hahay! Na miss ko na tuloy sila. I wonder asan na sila ngayon.:(
    Oh, I super love the mojos! And the shakey's special, the shakes,the chicken. Did I say I love their mojos?haha

    1. Which branch ka sis? I forgot to mention the shakes. I totally love them. Although mas prefer ni hubby ang fresh fruit shake, paminsan minsan nakikishare din sya. =)


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