Sep 3, 2013

Chismax with R Episodes: Napoles

My husband and I are certified chismoso at chismosa. No, we don't discuss our neighbors' lives nor gossip about their affairs. Not that they have anyways. What we usually talk about are national issues. Yesss, we're makabayan like that. My husband to be specific. He loves giving comments about almost everything that is in the morning news.

Most of the time, my husband would initiate our discussion over national issues. May it be triggered by the news or he's in the mood for nakaka-nosebleed na kwentuhan. Our topics vary from politics, national funds, different government offices, national laws and to each of the Filipinos' benefits. Alam na alam nya lahat ng problema ng bansa. Haha! If he decides to run for presidency, I'll definitely vote for him. I'll support him all the way. Lol!

Just like this morning, he was so engrossed in giving analysis to Janet Lim-Napoles situation that we almost missed my office. He, sometimes, drives me to the office when he has to visit his site in Bulacan. Athough very seldom, I am spared from the stress in commuting because of that terminal. You know? =) Yehey for me! Going back, let me give you some of our opinions on Napoles case.

The following are our mere opinions only as citizens and tax-payers of this beloved country.

1. We detest the special treatment that she's getting from the government. While this has been denied over and over again, what do you call the private room with private toilet&bath she's been offered if not "special treatment"? Her lawyer once said to an interview that her client is not yet convicted but only detained so she still has the right to refuse the selda. Eh, bakit naman po yung iba rin nating kababayan na hindi pa rin naman napapatunayan na guilty eh nasa normal na selda lamang din? Unfair lang talaga.

2. Expect to see her on a wheelchair, soon. Just like Gloria Arroyo, bigla biglang andami na nyang nararamdaman. Didn't she feel a single pain when she was over-the-top with her lifestyle and all? Didn't she has anxiety attacks spending our money on obnoxious shoes and accessories, just to name a few? Jusko, kulang pa 'yan 'teh!

3. More than expected, it is probable for her to experience health related issues now. Sino ba naman ang makakatulog kakaisip ng patong patong na kasong posible mong kaharapin? Too much stress can be deadly, di ba? In addition to that, she claimed to have death threats now. Malamang. 

4. However, no matter how big this issue is today, all these will eventually fade out. As in, waley! Wala ring mangyayari! Lilipas din 'to! I don't want to sound pessimistic. But truth hurts. Marami na tayong malalaking issues na kinaharap bilang mga Pilipino, pero ano nga ba ang nangyari? Sana nga mali ako. Sana nga, iba ka, PNoy! 

Well, I decided not to end this post sounding nega. Therefore, gusto ko pa rin maniwala that the government will pursue to seek justice for those exploited by few powerful men. Hindi lang pakitang tao.


  1. Pareho tayo ng sentiments, mommy Abi. Hay, naku. Tuwing nanonood kami ng news, palagi na lang nag-iinit ulo ko. Grrrr talaga! And Im afraid mangyayari ang #5 mo. Let's pray hindi magkatotoo ang mga kinatatakutan natin. :(

    1. Korek! Sana this time hindi lang pakitang tao ang investigation churva nila. =) Let's pray for that sis.


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