Sep 5, 2013

September is L-O-V-E!

While the year 2012 has been good to my family, this year is nonetheless the best! Even if we experienced a little shortage of money here and there, losing 5 kasambahays, our little Baby Rain has been in and out of the hospitals, Angela endured weeks after weeks of allergic rhinitis, and yours truly battling anxiety attacks, we incredibly survived every effin' storms (and will be surviving more).

We started the year with our move-in to our very own abode. It may be a small space but it is definitely a good start. Our Angela transferred to her new school. Although we struggled for the first few weeks because she missed her old school, she's now totally adjusted to her new surroundings and is currently making new friends. And now our little company rocks! Needless to say, we are blessed, truly blessed this year. 

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And I know September will be extra special to us. =)

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  1. Awwwww... it's about looking at the bright side, sis. carry on lang... =)

    1. Korek, sis. =) How are you by the way?


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