Aug 28, 2013

A Commuter's Dilemma Part II

Yes, I've been commuting to and from work since forever. I had my fair share of good memories on board a bus or any PUVs and an equal numbers of misfortunes, too. And then I heard a good news that provincial buses were to unload and load passengers at the bus terminal that they will open at the Coastal Mall. I was like, "WTF".

I have translated my frustration into words and now is still sitting in my draft since the inaugural of the terminal at the Coastal Mall. I decided not to publish it hoping against hope that the good Chairman Tolentino would be enlightened and clearly see the depressing effect of the supposedly beneficial terminal.

I remained optimistic I told myself once, "Ok lang 'to, tama naman sila. Hindi tayo aasenso kung puro tayo reklamo. I'll give this a chance. Makaka-adjust din ang mga tao sa bagong sistema. Masasanay rin ang mga bus drivers. Makakaisip rin ng magandang diskarte ang mga taga MMDA kung pano hindi magiging magulo sa unloading and loading area".

Apparently, nobody seemed to adapt the whole idea. Every morning, I witness passengers walking in all different directions when everyone seems to be looking for the same thing. Every day is different. Everyday, I have to find my own way to be able to catch my bus. It is simply chaotic.

I heard Chairman Tolentino boarded a bus from Ayala to Coastal Mall at 6:00am to experience it. Dahil sabi nga kasi ng mga tao, "Hindi mo kasi alam kung pano mag-commute". But why didn't he choose to commute from Cavite to Orense for a better understanding of the situation? Because the troubles are all there. Not the other way.

Yesterday, majority of the Cavite bound buses went on strike. I fully comprehend their angst and sentiments. But I pity all the passengers who weren't able to come to work early or not at all because they couldn't find any bus at their area. I would've been one of them if it weren't for my hubby who decided to visit his site in Bulacan. At the end of the day, kaming mga pasahero ang higit na apektado. Sana naman nakikita nyo 'to Mr. Chairman.

This morning, nothing has changed at the terminal. I have to wait for 15 minutes with all the smoke to be able to ride an aircon bus going to EDSA. Oh, I forgot, there are a lot of buses at the terminal. Baka isipin ng mga taga MMDA sinungaling ako. Yes, there are aplenty of buses. But those infront of the line are all ordinary buses. Not that I am maarte. But I should have options, at least. And I don't understand why suddenly, the buses have to fall in line to be dispatched? On the first few days of the terminal's operation, the buses are in slant position, they occupy slots. That was easier. Kasi once the bus is loaded, it can easily sway away from the slot and go. Not like this, when we have to wait for those buses infront to go before ours can. That is clearly not fair.


Where am I going with this rant? I only want a fully-operational and systematic terminal where I can get a bus to work and still look fresh and feel good. Since the terminal opened, either I come to work late or I come to work stressed-out.

Please do something about this, Chairman Tolentino. You owe us, commuters, a better terminal. We deserve something way better than this.

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