Aug 29, 2013

Signs of getting old...

....or it could be something else. Ekkk!

Did you guys experienced doing something familiar yet felt awkward? Or ate something you thought you love then felt really bad?

Lately, I've been feeling a little different about myself my food palate and some things that I enjoyed before but scared of now. Is this normal or is it just me? Weird, ano?

Before, I really enjoyed spicy foods. As in. I am a bicolana kaya keri ko 'yang mga maaanghang na 'yan. But hours ago, I almost fainted because of the spicy chicken of Jollibee. I dunno why. I had a late lunch kasi I had a heavy breakfast this morning kaya hindi ako nakasabay sa mga lunch buddies ko to our usual carenderia. I went to Jollibee para maiba naman and since I have some errands near the place. Jusko! After the first bite, I palpitated to the max and almost flew away. Hindi ko kinaya yung anghang. Feeling ko namula buong mukha ko. Good thing I ordered the Chocolate Float along with it. 'Yun na lang ang inubos ko to satisfy my hunger. Nagsisi tuloy ako, I should have gone to my first choice, Starbucks. Feel ko sanang mag salad lang or sandwich and the Green Tea Frapp. Pero umiral 'yung kakuriputan ko. In the end, napagastos lang ako kasi hindi ko rin nakain 'yung inorder ko. =(

Another thing is the mango salad or ensalada. I love it to bits...before. Ngayon, hindi ko na kaya ang sourness ng mangga. I could only eat it if it's sweet. Hayyy...

Dati rin, I always have an extra order of tomato salsa whenever we eat at the Adobo 'To. I love how they make it sweet and sour. Pero lately, halos hindi ko sya makain. Hindi ko alam kung bakit. Waahhhh!

I also love adventures. I love the adrenaline rush. I even wanted to try sky diving. I once tried scuba diving and enjoyed it. But now, just the thought of it makes me flutter. Not out of excitement. But of distress. Jusko! Spell S-T-R-E-S-S!

During my younger years, I could easily chug bottle after bottle of beer or even a hard drink. Now, I am too jaded for a mouthful of liquor. Tsk tsk!

Is it because I am merely becoming more responsible and cautious? Watyathink? Or am I simply being too paranoid of the whole life itself? Alam nyo kasi, when I became a mom, I wanted a perfect life for my kids. If not perfect, at least not as complicated as mine. Ayoko silang magkasakit. And since si bunso eh sakitin, sobrang extra careful ako sa kanya. A little too much maybe. Paranoid ako pagdating sa mga bata. Konting rashes lang, dengue agad iniisip ko. Lagnat because of teething, which is an obvious reason, gusto ko agad itakbo sa hospital. Alam mo yun? Good thing my husband is the exact opposite of me. He's the coolest. He's the reason why I still have my sanity. He slaps me from the negative vibes and would always always make me see light. May ganown?! Lol!

Maybe it is too much to ask life to be perfect for my kids kaya I always end up afraid of everything.

This is bad. I don't want to end up obsessed with life that I get to waste precious moments.

Positive vibes please.

*After posting this, I realized I am PMS-ing. That's why the emotional post. Cheers! =)


  1. Our tastes really do change. Ako noon, would have lots of sili in my sawsawan. Now, I forgot when was the last time I ate something hot. I forgot na rin the last time I got drunk. Mommy na talaga tayo.:)

    1. Yes sis, mommy na talaga tayo. =) And getting older, too. Hehe.

  2. OMG..same here, there were some certain foods that i eat before, but now yay! I hate na, but compare to you guy's, before I hate hot/spicy food, but now I love it..hahha..weird right?

    1. Yehey! I'm not alone pala. Now I can convince myself that yes, I am still a normal person (who's now a little weird). Lol!


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