Oct 2, 2013

In a few days...

..just a little bit more, I'll be hitting the big 3-0! Oh, yeah! One more year, wala na ako sa kalendaryo (pero nasa lotto pa rin naman, lol).

I thought of 30 before as the age where wrinkles start (this could be true to others though), grey hair multiplies fast (Oh, that's me. Well, mine is hereditary.) and skin starts to age (as in kulubot levelz). OA lang pala ako. Because I didn't feel old at all. Yes, I have matured. Time made me wiser. 29 years of life's different episodes made me tougher. Trials gave me learnings. Memories, happy or not, made my life colorful and meaningful. But I am definitely not old.

I am happy with what my 29 years have turned out. It wasn't perfect. Way beyond perfect, I must say. I was traversing the wrong road when I was younger. I fell hard. I made silly mistakes. I was almost at the brink of losing everything. But with prayers and proper guidance, I gained my sanity back, thanks to my ever supportive mother and relatives. Now, I am wiser and tougher. I am proud of myself! *Slow Clap

I am looking forward to more years of bountiful blessings, happy memories, more kids (or just one more, a boy perhaps), more adventures and even more trials.

And I know I can never go wrong this time. I have a wonderful husband who will guide me all the way. He's turning 30 after a month, too. =)

Happy 30th to us, Bhe! =)


  1. Happy 30th! I actually feel that I can relate to with the anxiety of aging bit not growing old! cheers to always being young at heart!

  2. Advance happy Birthday .. don't worry you are not alone with that kind of aging anxiety ^_^

    1. Thanks for the advance greetings, sis! =)


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