Oct 10, 2013

Day 3: Learning the art of letting go...

October 2, 2013

...letting go of the clutch pedal, it is. =)

For the last 2 days of my driving lesson, the clutch pedal has been my worst enemy. I had a hard time mixing it up with the gas pedal. It is always either I release it too quickly causing the engine to die on me or holding it down too much that the car wouldn't move an inch. Plus, I was very scared to hit the gas pedal thinking that I might hit someone if I do. I know, I know, I am too naive.

Don't get me wrong mga mare kasi I know I mentioned in my previous posts that I did great. I said that because I was able to survive 2 hours on the road without hitting someone or someone else's car. And to think that I survived EDSA and C5 is really a big deal for me.

On my last day with Smart Driving School, Clifford was the assigned instructor for me. He was the exact opposite of the two previous instructors that I had, Aris and Lito. He was witty. I knew that the moment I took the driver's seat. Kaya I can really say that I was relaxed and comfortable the whole time. Sabi na nga ba, hindi ko pa rin matimpla timpla yang clutch at gas na yan. Yun pa rin ang comment that I got that time. Pero he helped me with more techniques. He was patient enough to tell it to me over and over again. Hindi ko alam kung matigas lang talaga ulo ko or matigas lang talaga ang ulo ko kaya hindi ko makuha kuha yun. Paulit ulit lang. Lol! Anyways, I made sure naman na before we ended the day, I was able to apply everything that he taught me para hindi naman ako mapahiya, di ba?

He took me to the narrow streets in Mandaluyong. Maganda daw yun para maging familiar ako sa size ng sasakyan ko. He also taught me how to park in between cars. Ay sus! Madali lang pala! Chos!

All in all, I had a wonderful experience with all of them. Iba iba talaga sila ng style ng pagtuturo. Ang bottom line lang talaga is, yung magiging diskarte na ng driver sa iba't ibang sitwasyon.

Did I learn from the 6 hours I had behind the wheel? I think, yes. I gained confidence. A lot of it. Am I ready now to take my own car to the office? I guess not yet. I can't see myself driving alone along EDSA. Hehe. But soon, I know I will. =)

If you want to try Smart Driving School, visit their website for more information.

Smart Driving School
St. Francis Square Mall
Gl-012 (near LBC and Western Union)
Tel #: 631-1663

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